Hon Hai / Foxxconn Technology Group – Company Information

Hon Hai / Foxxconn Technology Group is an electronics manufacturing company based in Taiwan.

The company was founded by Terry Guo in 1974 who had a vision “to provide the lowest “total cost” solution to increase the affordability of electronics products for all mankind”.

His company began by manufacturing electrical components for electronic devices such as the Atari 2600.

In 1988 Foxxconn opened its first manufacturing facility, in Longhua, China. By 2001 the company was the first largest private manufacturing enterprise in Taiwan.

Companies that have contracted Foxxconn include: Acer Inc., Amazon.com, Apple Inc., Blackberry Ltd., Cisco, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Motorola Mobility, Nintendo, Nokia, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio, Micromax Mobile.

Examples of well known products that have been manufactured by Foxxconn (for the companies above) include: the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Xbox video game consoles, Playstation video game consoles, and the Nintendo Wii.

Foxxconn is now one of the leading information technology companies in the world – it is listed in the Fortune Global 500.

Hon Hai / Foxxconn Technology Group – Products and Services

Foxxconn produces electronics, electronic components, and provides electronics manufacturing services. According to the company website, Hon Hai focuses on “joint-design, joint-development, manufacturing, assembly and after-sales services to global Computer, Communication and Consumer-electronics (“3C”) leaders” in addition to the development of nanotechnology, thermal treatment, nano measures, wireless networks, environmental protection, CAD/CAE, optical plating techniques, precision/nano processing, SMT, and network CMOS chips.

Hon Hai / Foxxconn Technology Group – Company Overview

  • Chairman and President: Terry Guo
  • Type: Public
  • Listed as: TWSE: 2317, SEHK: 2038, LSE: HHPD
  • Headquarters: Tucheng District, New Taipei, Taiwan
  • Employees: 1.2 million (2012)

Hon Hai / Foxxconn Technology Group – Financial Results

Key figures (in thousands of Taiwan Dollars NT$) 2012 2011
Operating revenue $3,218,928,395 $3,452,681,273
Operating income $108,450,481 $82,845,028
Income before income tax $118,379,091 $102,536,200
Consolidated net income $81,934,633 $91,787,141
Basic earnings per share (NT$) $8.03 $6.94

Source: Foxxconn 2012 Annual Report