A Hong Kong company is trying to prove that we still need a pet friend after the pandemic

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A Hong Kong company is trying to prove that we still need a pet friend after the pandemic

The end of the pandemic has certainly resulted in a different set of problems for most professionals (covered below).

  1. Work from home continues

Not all companies have asked their employees to come back to the office. Most companies are allowing their employees to work from home. Even companies who called back their employees follow a hybrid work model. The problem is that the continuation of work from home means the associated problems also continue.

  1. Increased workload

The pandemic gave an impetus to digitization across industries and verticals. This resulted in an increased workload for professionals across industries and companies.

  1. Anxiety over the economic downturn

Digitization during the pandemic gave a boost to the economy and growth of most countries. After the end of the pandemic, growth has slowed down, and most countries are facing the risk of a slowdown. The economic downturn brings job losses and layoffs. This has made most professionals anxious about their future.

  1. Burden on finances due to increasing interest rates

With the rise in inflation, most central banks worldwide are increasing interest rates. Couple this with the high inflation, and professionals are finding it difficult to balance their finances.

The point is the stress and pressure on working individuals all over the world are on the rise. There is, however, a simple solution to this problem.

Pets to the rescue!

What if pets can help to combat these problems?

Yes, pets can help. Senwood Co., Limited is building a website Petswith.me and their experts like Jessica N. D’avila and Brenda Vitorino are educating professionals on how pets can help them deal with problems arising from the end of the pandemic.

For an average individual, it is really difficult to detect the link between having a pet and eliminating these problems. However, the research highlighted below makes it completely clear that pets can help. The same research also highlights why retaining pets after the pandemic and adopting new ones is a necessity.

  1. The pandemic forged stronger bonds with pets

According to this Forbes article, strong bonds are forged between them when one goes through a hard time with a companion. This is true not only for individuals but also for pets. Since most people have gone through the pandemic with their pets, the bond between them is stronger than ever.

The proximity between pet owners and pets has increased significantly in the past couple of years, resulting in the sense of being loved. Most individuals would be better off with this feeling of being loved. The mental and physical health/well-being of an individual when he/she feels low is the primary reason why a pet is necessary even after the pandemic.

  1. Pets provide a sense of security

One is always better off with a pet rather than being alone at home. The reasons behind this are quite a few.

  • Pets alert to suspicious activity

Being home alone can be a stressful experience, especially after a lockdown. Since the senses of most pets are precise as compared to humans, they can alert the owner to any lurking danger. Not only that, any suspicious activity is detected by pets much earlier than by humans.

research report proves that the advanced sensory organs of dogs can detect threats that humans can’t. Individuals who have such a pet are going to feel more secure as compared to households that have no pets.

  • Pets provide company

Rather than being completely alone at home in the middle of the night, it is better to have a pet. The sense of belonging and companionship a pet offers makes an individual feel secure.

  • Pets help people with special needs

Individuals with special needs or who do not possess sharp sensory organs can rely on their pets for security.

Needless to say, the security a pet provides makes them a necessity.

  1. Pets teach valuable life skills.

According to this Michigan State University report, pets can help children and individuals learn valuable life skills.

  • Trust:

A pet always trusts the family members and the pet owners unconditionally. It doesn’t matter whether one is upset with the pet. A pet will always trust its owner. Sooner than later, pet owners also imbibe this valuable life skill.

  • Compassion:

The compassion for a pet is uniform. It does not depend on external factors or how one behaves with the pet. Humans, sooner than later, pick up this valuable skill from their pets.

  • Respect:

Most pets crave the attention of their owners. However, they still have their own boundaries. They still need their me-time and specific areas in which they can relax. It means a pet not only loves the pet owner and family members but also respects their boundaries. If one adopts a new pet, this might be a difficult concept to understand. However, with time most pet owners learn to respect the boundaries of the pet and pick up this valuable skill.

  • Patience:

Anyone who has adopted a pet previously will agree that an enormous amount of patience is needed to train a pet. Therefore, individuals who spend a reasonable amount of time with their pets are patient. According to Michigan State University, the fact that it requires a considerable amount of patience to train pets helps pet owners imbibe this quality.

  • Motivation:

Pets simply do not give up. Even after numerous failures, they will try to attain their goals. Children and adults around them are likely to pick up this skill.

It is difficult to argue that these skills are needed in the pre-pandemic or post-pandemic era. Therefore, the necessity of pets is irrefutable.

  1. Pets help manage one’s day better

Pet owners need to juggle a lot of things. They likely have to take their pet out for a walk in the morning. Their day needs to fit in work, personal life, and time for their pets. A pet owner can achieve all that only by managing their day better.

With stress levels soaring after the end of the pandemic, people with a more organized day are certainly going to fare better. They will be happier, achieve more, and grow in every sphere of their life. Since pets enable the same, they are a must-have for a more balanced and organized life.

  1. Pets provide sensory relief

Any kind of sensory play can release endorphins in one’s body. Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals of the human body. Their release in the human body can improve brain function and help relieve pain while improving mood.

But what does it has to do with pets?

According to this report, In Psychology and Behavioral Science International Journal, interaction with pets can also release endorphins in the body, calming an individual down. Besides that, it improves the psychological well-being of an individual and reduces pain and stress.

In fact, these days, most therapists call it pet therapy. Therapists worldwide are recommending patients take part in pet therapy to improve their mental health. The therapeutic effects of pets are undisputed.

Considering the problems discussed above in this report (after the pandemic), pet therapy is necessary for most individuals to lead a physically and mentally healthy life. If one has a pet right at home, constant interaction with pets will improve their life.

  1. Pets make one responsible

Adopting a pet requires undertaking significant responsibility. Every time one looks after the pet or feeds them, the sense of accomplishing something increases. The responsibility involves nothing but small tasks to look after the pets. For example, feeding the pets on time or taking the pet out for a walk on time provides sense of achievement.

According to the Psychology and Behavioral Science International Journal report, pet ownership makes one more responsible. The sense of responsibility and independence thus imbibed can help an individual in various spheres of life.

  1. Pets aid child development

Pets help in the development of children, especially those who don’t have a close sibling at home. If not for one’s benefit, individuals should adopt pets for the sake of their children. With stress level of adults going up, they find it difficult to take out time for their children. This can hamper the development of children. Pets can aid development in such a case.

According to this report, children who grew up around pets are less likely to suffer from allergies. Not only that, they can imbibe the above-mentioned life skills in their younger years and therefore lead a more fulfilling life.

The increased physical activity of such children often helps them grow faster and increase their stamina. It is high time that individuals who really care about the development of their children should retain pets or adopt a new one.

Most households understood the importance of adopting a pet during the pandemic era. However, with life becoming even more stressful after the end of the pandemic, retraining pets or adopting a new one is more important than ever. As explained above, the increased stress levels and the ability of pets to help combat them makes pets important family member.

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