How to host the perfect product launch event; dos and don’ts edition 

Product launch events are one of the most important corporate events for any business; especially when your business provides products and doesn’t have a solid customer base yet. As your business is still in the process of becoming widely recognized, even your best product may not find as much recognition as it deserves when the product launch is not done right.

A good product launch is marketing done right. Such events are as important as the product itself because a new product may be a very big deal to you but introducing it to people can be a little tricky sometimes and should be done properly.

host the perfect product launch event - new product unveiling
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A perfect product launch event is not the same as a ‘well executed’ event even though it can affect your product’s identity in a positive way and get the headstart that it needs. But these ‘perfect’ product launches don’t happen out of thin air.

There goes a solid strategy and a lot of planning behind it. The ideal planning for a launch event includes the promotional activities that build interest before the event and post event actions that maintain the momentum set by the event.

There are a lot of steps to build up and execute a successful product launch event and it eventually takes us to the ‘dos and don’ts’ of organizing the perfect launch for a new product.

  1. Do use social media extensively for promotional activities 

The reach that social media platforms have makes it a powerful tool as a massive majority of people use social media. Therefore, social media can easily build up hype to ensure a significant attendance for your event and generate some genuine interest for your product and event when used right.

So, engage with your key influencer and make sure that you are reaching your target audience as engagement is the key and should be prioritised over likes and follows. To top it all, ask your attendees to post about the product and get a word out there while the event is happening.

  1. Don’t just invite anyone 

Know your audience and understand what exactly you need from the event. Don’t just invite people for the sake of it but focus on those who can further do your promotion which include bloggers, journalists, analysts and influencers that will build an opinion on your product and promote it further. Along with these people, make sure to invite prospect clients and enthusiasts so that you can further persuade them to make purchases from you. 

  1. Do choose a good venue 

Venue is one of the most important aspects of any event. The venue should always match the theme of the product and the overall event. Since the venue sets a tone for the event, it is important to choose an appropriate venue for your event. If you aim for a classy event, a luxurious hotel can be a good venue whereas, if the product is for casual use, the party as well as the venue should be chosen accordingly to match the aesthetics and theme of the product.

  1. Don’t forget a follow up

A launch event may create a momentum for your product but it can dissipate pretty quickly if the momentum is not maintained through follow ups. Of Course it is not possible to reach out to every person attending the event to see what kind of opinion they have formed about  your product but that’s where social media will come in handy again. Make follow up posts about the launch event and mention the product there as well to keep the conversations going.

  1. Do focus on people 

Even though the event is hosted to launch a particular product, you need to rely on the people attending to actually have a successful launch. So, focus on the people and ensure that everyone is engaged. The more engaged the attendees are, the more likely they are going to remember your product the next morning.

  1. Don’t underestimate planning time

Planning is very important for any event and especially for a product launch event. Without the right kind of planning, a good launch event cannot be hosted and rather, there are chances of things going haywire. In a launch event, just introducing the product is not enough. You have to make sure that people remember the product and that the product is always shown under a good light.


Events can be difficult to manage as there are just too many aspects to it. Especially when it is a product launch event, the planning, execution and retaining the momentum needs to be planned very well and strategically. Thus, to plan it well, it is advisable to take professional help. Craft is an exhibition design company that offers a wide range of services including event planning and programming.

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