Host your Next Corporate Event on Yacht Rental In Dubai

Whether it’s a product launch or an annual corporate celebration, you can conduct any desirable corporate event on a yacht in Dubai. Corporate yacht rentals have become increasingly popular in recent years with many renowned brands performing their events on luxurious yachts. If you are looking to induce a memorable experience for your associates and corporate employees, here’s everything you need to know about yacht corporate events.

Corporate event services you can avail

Yacht rental companies offer specialized packages for businesses to host their corporate events in style. Many organizations in the region are known to charter luxury yachts to invite their guests over to celebrate special occasions pertaining to their business. 

“Charter a yacht that can accommodate at least 30 people to conduct your business events.”

Following are the various aspects you receive as part of the corporate event package: 

  • Fine dining experience onboard 
  • Custom corporate themed decor 
  • Multimedia setup 
  • Travel to top destinations

Fine dining experience onboard 

No corporate event is complete without fine dining options. You can always reach out to a yacht rental in Dubai and provide all your requirements so that they can prepare for your event as per your directions. All kinds of cuisine and beverage requests can be made available provided that you inform the rental company in advance.

In many cases, yacht rentals work along with other renowned catering services in the region. While some companies have their own dedicated in-house team. Either way, you are sure to treat your guests and delegates to a great course of meal on your yacht corporate event.

Custom corporate themed decor 

Every business and brand has a distinctive factor that differentiates it from others. From brand logos to other business related color schemes, your rental yacht can be decked up as per your needs. 

Multimedia setup 

Corporate events can be of different types. From annual corporate celebrations to seminars, or product launches, any form of corporate event can be conducted on a yacht.

From projectors, and audio setups to other multimedia requirements, everything can be pre-arranged by a yacht rental company. All you need to do is to send in your requests in advance for the company to deliver all your corporate event requirements accordingly.

Travel to top destinations

The whole idea of celebrating by conducting a corporate event on a yacht is to give a unique edge to this experience. While most corporate events are conducted at a high-end hotel or at their corporate office itself, many others choose to do it on a yacht. 

This provides you the opportunity to take your guests on a cruise around some of the top locations in the city, while continuing your official event. Some of the places you can visit on a yacht with your corporate guests include, the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Creek Dubai, etc.

Yacht corporate events – things you should know about

We have mentioned a few things you must note while renting a yacht for corporate events in Dubai. 

  • Find the yacht you need
  • Easy to book procedures
  • Experienced crew onboard

Find the yacht you need

There are plenty of different yachts you can charter to host your corporate events. The choice of one purely depends on your requirements. You will need to identify the total number of guests attending the event, to decide which yacht will be capable of accommodating them. 

Easy to book procedures

Once you have got your preference locked in, the process of renting a yacht is simple. You will need to present your official identification for verification, while providing other required information as stipulated in the yacht rental contract. 

Experienced crew onboard

Once you have your yacht ready and set for your corporate event, all you need to do then is to enjoy the event. You leave the rest of the work to the rental company. All your delegates and guests can enjoy a seamless experience through the services provided by experienced crew. 

Therefore, you need not take up the hassle of worrying about your guests. Just host the event and let the yacht rental company look after the rest.

Top 10 yachts to charter for a corporate event in Dubai

Like discussed above, the yacht options available for your corporate event in Dubai are plenty. Therefore to simplify your decision of selecting a yacht, here’s a list of top yachts to charter: 


Yacht Models Available  Passenger Capacity Rental Price 
Notorious – Sunseeker 90 Fly 20 passenger capacity in total AED 4,000 per hour

AED 40,000 per day 

Tayget – Aicon 85 Total passenger capacity of 20 AED 4,000 per hour

AED 40,000 per day

Black Pearl – Duretti 85 45 passenger capacity in total AED 1,500 per hour

AED AED 20,000 per day

Stealth – Custom 80 Total passenger capacity of 60 AED 7,000 per hour

AED 120,000 per day

Legende – Sunseeker 116 30 passenger capacity in total AED 16,000 per hour

AED 130,000 per day

Venus – Alshali 85 45 passenger capacity in total AED 1,390 per hour

AED 29,000 per day

Code 8 – Benetti 164 50 passenger capacity in total AED 16,000 per hour

AED 160,000 per day

Virgo – Custom 88 65 passenger capacity in total AED 1,890 per hour

AED 41,000 per day

Ocean Pearl – Dubai Marine 90 Total passenger capacity of 65 AED 1,990 per hour

AED 48,000 per day

Lotus yacht – Custom 220 500 passenger capacity in total AED 14,990 per hour

AED 359,000 per day

Elevate your corporate events by celebrating them on a yacht

The idea of hosting corporate events on a luxurious yacht in Dubai already sounds amazing. For all those brands and businesses based in the region, looking to take their corporate events to the next level, we recommend you to charter a luxury yacht in Dubai. 

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