Household Pests That Can Harm Your Health

Household pests can do damage not just to your property but to your health, and each poses unique threats that you might not be fully informed about. Before you end up with an infestation or troubling incident that costs you time and energy, let’s cover some of the common household pests that can harm your health.

  1. Bees

Household pests that can harm your health

Bees sting to defend themselves or their hive, which results in a raised, painful welt. The venom of most species is normally not too dangerous. However, for an immunocompromised person, or someone with an allergy or other particular vulnerability to the venom, the reaction to one or more stings can be life-threatening.

Bees are also troubling because of their prevalence in colonizing older homes or side constructs such as sheds. Unless a sudden, swarming surprise comes out of a rotted piece of wall, you could have a beehive growing somewhere on your property without your knowledge.

  1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches - Household pests that can harm your health

Cockroaches can carry harmful diseases like cholera and the Zika virus. The pathogens spread and contaminate food. Also, cockroach droppings, shell pieces, and corpses taint anything they touch. Not only can cockroaches be a horrible pest to deal with, but they also help bring in other pests like rats and mice.

Cockroaches multiply rapidly, making them hard to eliminate. If you are experiencing a problem, it is essential to contact a cockroach control and removal service to conduct a thorough inspection. The professionals have the proper know-how to safely rid your home of an infestation and help you maintain a pest-free household.

  1. Mice and Rats

Rat and mouse - pests

If your home is a consistent source of food for a certain kind of creature, that creature will eventually find a way in, especially if you aren’t actively doing your best to keep it out. Case in point, homes that have an unaddressed, longstanding cockroach problem can sometimes end up with rodents as well. This is because rodents live in many of the same kinds of cluttered home habitats and they eat roaches.

Having wild rodents nesting and breeding in parts of your home is unsanitary, as rats and mice have a long history of spreading contagions. What many people don’t know, however, is that rodents constantly chew on everything they can, and if they happen to chew on something like an electrical wire, a rat might unwittingly start a fire.

  1. Bed Bugs

Bed bug - 40983098038

Another frustrating pest to discover in your home is bed bugs. These small brownish insects live on the blood of animals and like to inhabit human beds or pet bedding, biting the victim in their sleep. They are not as likely to spread disease, although they can spread lymphangitis like cockroaches, but their bites can cause severe allergic attacks, even whole-body reactions.

You can’t achieve your goals on schedule if you end up taking days or even weeks off over pest control or pest-related health issues. In some cases, the first sign of a problem is a chance to prevent an infestation, but in other cases, by the time you’ve noticed something, your home is probably already infested. As soon as you notice any pests or signs of them, call a trusted expert for pest control in Mesa, AZ.