HouseJet Helps Clients Find Agents They Can Trust

One of the big complaints among homebuyers and sellers in today’s real estate market is that there are too many real estate agents. And with this high number, there is unfortunately a big percentage of unqualified, inexperienced, and self-serving agents who care nothing about their clients. HouseJet, a relatively new player in the industry, is attempting to change that.

How HouseJet Operates

Unlike conventional entities that trade in leads, HouseJet adopts a distinct approach by partnering with Local Area Experts. This strategic relationship ensures that clients are matched with agents committed to providing genuine advice tailored to their individual circumstances. The focal point here isn’t just financial gain – it’s the client’s best interests.

HouseJet’s foundation lies in its commitment to aligning clients with agents who possess extensive local knowledge and a history of successful transactions. (In other words, they don’t want the part-timers, newbies, or folks who only sell a few houses per year.) This emphasis on expertise not only enhances the client experience, but also reaffirms HouseJet’s dedication to credibility and reliability.

“Listen, I have absolutely nothing against the part-time agent who tries to sell a few houses per year to supplement their income at another job. I’m all for entrepreneurship and doing whatever you can do to make ends meet,” HouseJet CEO Mike Oddo says. “However, I don’t believe that does the best service to clients. I certainly don’t feel comfortable passing homeowners off to unvetted part-time folks when the HouseJet name is involved. I want people who are undeniable experts in their local markets.”

The Local Expert Advantage

The distinguishing factor setting HouseJet apart from the crowd is its emphasis on vetting and partnering with agents known for their track records. By prioritizing Local Area Experts with proven success, HouseJet fosters an environment where trust becomes the cornerstone of every transaction.

What is a Local Area Expert? The company defines it as someone who has several years of experience working in a specific market. These are full-time agents who have a solid history of happy clients. They don’t just have a license – which is fairly easy to get – they have a history of helping clients every step of the way.

HouseJet: Authentic and Transparent

The platform’s commitment to authenticity and transparency resonates through its partnership model. HouseJet ensures that clients are matched with agents not because they bought a lead but due to their genuine capabilities and dedication to client satisfaction.

In a market flooded with agents seeking commissions, HouseJet stands out by placing a premium on agent-client relationships. The platform’s philosophy is rooted in empowering clients with the assurance that their chosen agent isn’t just a salesperson but a trusted advisor with a history of delivering results.

“Imagine if your car needed a new engine and you dropped it off at a guy’s house who occasionally tinkers with cars on the weekends. That wouldn’t exactly instill confidence,” Oddo says. “Well, sometimes that’s what people do when they buy or sell a house. They hand off their most valuable asset to someone who only does this every now and then. We believe clients deserve someone who does this all day, every day. There shouldn’t be any hesitation.”

HouseJet’s dedication to thorough vetting extends beyond initial partnerships. The platform maintains a keen focus on agents’ ongoing performance and adherence to stringent standards. This ensures a consistent level of service excellence and reinforces the trust clients place in HouseJet’s recommendations.

HouseJet: Built for the Future

There’s a sea of agents vying for attention right now. And you could argue that HouseJet serves as a beacon of reliability and credibility. By carefully curating a network of Local Area Experts who are known for their expertise and client-focused approach, the platform reshapes the real estate narrative. It offers clients peace of mind during what can be a fairly intimidating process.

HouseJet’s innovative model isn’t just about finding agents – it’s about finding trustworthy partners dedicated to serving clients’ best interests. By prioritizing expertise, track records, and genuine client-centricity, this upstart company is paving the way for a more reliable and fulfilling real estate journey for all parties involved (including both clients and agents). It’s really a testament to the platform’s commitment to reshaping the real estate landscape by prioritizing trustworthiness above all else.

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