How a Business Broker Can Help You

how do you choose a broker

Selling an established business can be a challenging task, which is why lots of business owners employ a broker to help them through the process. Without having professional representation on board during the sale of a business, getting the business sold is not going to be easy. There have been plenty of cases where business owners have tried to sell their business themselves, without a broker by their side, which in the majority of instances the sale of the business has fallen through. 

A reputable broker will help their clients through every step of the process, to ensure the sale is a success. You won’t have to worry about confidentiality, because they will make sure that the sale is kept low key. Brokers will work tirelessly to hold the deal together so that the business gets sold. 

If you are thinking about putting your current business up for sale, you might be wondering whether the broker’s commission is worth it. Let’s take a closer look at what a broker will do to help get your business sold

Help You Find Potential Buyers

Experienced brokers will have built up contacts since they have been in business. They often know of investors looking for new opportunities. They might have helped broker a deal with these investors in the past, so they will know what to expect. Some brokers will have built up a database of potential buyers which they can contact directly to inform them that your business is up for sale. 

Without having a broker in your corner, advertising won’t be easy. It will be difficult to find a target audience, and you might not know where to start the advertising process to let people that you are selling. Often brokers take control of the advertising side of things. Brokers who have helped sell business in the past will understand the best form of advertising. They will be well aware of the advertising outlets available. With so many channels available to marketers due to the internet, promoting your business can prove to be a difficult task. Experienced brokers will be able advise you on advertising on social media platforms, local newspapers, websites, traditional auctions, etc. 

Some people who decide to handle the sale of the business themselves often struggle with the promoting side of the sale. They spend a lot of their hard earned money on advertising, but some of the advertising methods they use might not reach potential buyers. A broker will have been down this road many times in the past, so they can help you find the most effective ways to advertise the sale of your business. 

A Broker Can Enhance The Way Your Business Looks to Potential Buyers

Potential investors are looking to invest in professionally run businesses. If you were to try and sell your business without presenting it properly, it is highly unlikely that you will get a sale. Professional brokers, like this brokerage in Brisbane, will create a presentation package for your business that will help get results. This professional presentation is often the first thing potential buyers will see, so it is vital that it leaves a good impression. If you have no experience with creating a presentation, it might reflect badly on your company, and scare buyers off. 

Brokers will be looking to encourage buyers to invest in your business, at the end of the day, they will get a commission from the sale, so it is in their best interest that your business looks professional. 


Although you will want potential investors to be made aware that your business is up for sale, you might not want the whole world to know. Confidential marketing is very important, and experienced brokers will know this. They will do their best to protect your business’s identity during the selling process. 

If it gets out that your business is for sale, then it could have a terrible impact on your current employees. Many of them might worry about being let go once the sale has been completed, which can create a toxic environment in the workplace. Your current clients might like dealing with you and your employees, and if they find out that you are selling they might do their business elsewhere. Your competitors might be looking to take advantage of the situation, which can also damage your business and the sale of your company. 

Each buyer that the broker deals with must be qualified. The broker will get them to sign a non-disclosure agreement before informing them that your company is on the market. 

Valuing Your Business

One of the most complicated parts of selling an established business is putting a valuation on the company. Experienced brokers can help with valuing your business because they will have undergone training and they will have helped other clients through the process in the past. Doing this alone can be harder than you think because you don’t want to advertise your business for a lot more than it is worth, as this might scare potential buyers. But you don’t want to sell it for less than it is worth either. Rather than putting a rough estimation on the value of the company, a broker will examine your business thoroughly before valuing it. They will look at the size of your business, how many employees you have, and they will want to see your business’s accounts, current clients, etc. 

Although every business is unique, a broker might have had experience selling similar companies in the past. If this is the case, they will understand the market, and they might know of people who are already interested in buying in that sector.

Help With Negotiations

Negotiating any type of deal is tough, especially when it comes to negotiating an existing business. Having a broker that is well aware of the potential pitfalls can help you through this grueling process. Dealing with solicitors, accountants, and other professionals along the way can prove frustrating, but if you have hired a broker, they can act as the middle man so you can focus on other things

Top brokers are great at solving problems. There are often plenty of issues during the sale of an existing business, and finding solutions can be hard, especially without a broker. A broker will do everything possible to satisfy both the buyer and the seller. To succeed in doing this, they will have creative strategies to help the deal progress. 


Having a broker advising you during the sale will help guide you through this difficult process. You can rely on a reputable broker through all the ins and outs of the sale, so you can focus on running your company. It is vital that you keep your business performing well while it is up for sale to attract potential buyers. People who take on the task of selling their own business without hiring a broker often find it hard to juggle the sale of the business and running it at the same time. Selling a business is a lot of work, which can distract you from your other duties. If the business is suffering while it is on the market, then it won’t be easy to sell. If this happens, you might be forced to lower the selling price of the company.

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