How a multilingual survey software could enhance your business

Using surveys and questionnaires to evaluate your audience’s preferences, habits and biases has an enormous impact on your business on several levels. Especially if you integrate a multilingual survey software, a questionnaire specifically designed for analyzing different markets and target audiences

Understanding customers satisfaction or workers relationships will help you improve your business, marketing strategies and human resources activities. 

What is multilingual survey software?

You can define a multilingual survey software as a complex program with which to create questionnaires for customers, prospects or employees, in every possible language. Through these sophisticated softwares, you can gain vital information about your customers, their habits, what works and what doesn’t in your product or services. Or you can acquire a deeper understanding of professional and personal relationships in the workplace, whatever the spoken language of your target audience is. 

You need a multilingual survey software in order to distribute the same questions to several people all around different countries, for example, collect and monitor their responses and evaluate the results. Such a program will be specifically designed to achieve your goal of a better understanding in a particular area. 

Through a specific multilingual survey program you will be able to create and customize questionnaires in different languages, decide in which order to administer each question, and collect data about their results. You can also switch from one language to another if your audience or the surveyed people include several countries or ethnic groups. 

Why a multilingual survey could be useful

There are many situations in which collecting data in different languages will prove vital to your business. Here are some examples of them: 

  • when you want to evaluate a product or service’s impact on different markets; 
  • if you need to deeply understand your target market and its different needs in different countries; 
  • when yours is a multinational company with several offices in different places around the world;
  • in order to acquire an in depth understanding of a social or cultural phenomenon in different areas; 
  • when you need to expand your business to a new market and want to know the current situation beforehand. 

Each of these situations can be better managed through a survey software especially designed to switch between languages. It will give you a wider perspective on what you need to know. 

How to design a multilingual survey 

First of all, select the right multilingual survey software for your needs. It should be easy to use, have a great deal of customization features and include different question types and languages. Try a brainstorming session in order to select the right questions: every person on the survey team can contribute in this phase with insight and acute observations. 

Then write down the right amount of questions. Remember, a survey should be just as long as you need it to be. Not too long (it will bore people and they will quit before submitting) and not too short (in this case, you won’t gather all the answers you need). 

Use the language switch as one of your first questions. The surveyed people need to assess the time and effort required from them to answer, so knowing they will be able to fill the survey with a language of their choice will make them at ease and encourage them to complete the survey. 

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