How a Superior Customer Experience Will Drive Conversions

Given that the business landscape is facing fierce competition and businesses are in a highly competitive mode, customer acquisition is at a higher rate than ever. This intense competition has made it imperative that businesses provide superior customer experiences to stand out and ensure conversions.

Understanding conversion

The rate of conversion is the best way to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of a business. Regardless of whether a business offers the best product in its market segment, consumers may still favor the competition. Why is this?

As per several business analysts and researchers, a lack of efficient and quality customer service appears to be the most prominent reason for having a lower customer acquisition rate.

Having good quality and efficient customer service ensures that consumers will associate a business with a good experience. They are far more likely to convert should they feel looked after. Therefore, despite an environment with stiff competition, quality customer service is a sure way to stand out and drive conversions. 

Superior customer service leads to conversion

Several studies have stated that a satisfied customer is more likely to be a recurring purchaser than an unsatisfied customer. It is also to be noted that satisfied customers will advertise your business by word of mouth, resulting in a much higher conversion/customer acquisition.

Below are superior customer service methods which drive the conversion:

  1. Customer lifespan value – A major part of ramping up conversions is to promote and monitor your customers ‘loyalty along with customers’ lifespan value. The customer experience is tightly linked to it. This is a useful way for businesses to measure the customer experience and ensure they are satisfying their consumers’ needs.
  2. Make a task force for customer experience – Having a task force team in place to implement and measure customer experience enables higher customer acquisition and conversion. A task force helps by providing new and better ideas to enhance customer experience from multiple angles. The task force helps align business and customer service goals and results in higher customer satisfaction.
  3. Know your customer – It is widely known that businesses make more money from existing satisfied customers than from newly acquired customers. It is imperative to know your customers by engaging with them through various digital platforms, such as social media, emails, educational websites, and phone calls. You will know your customer’s requirements and their satisfaction level by engaging with them. It will allow businesses to develop special relationships and generate higher conversions.
  4. Study customer patterns – These days, data analytics allows businesses to go through the customer’s relevant data and study their purchase patterns. This enables businesses to understand the future needs of their existing and potential customers and allows them to align these needs with their own. This way, an overall better customer experience is created in a profitable manner.
  5. Personalized approach – Nothing beats personal contact in terms of providing superior customer service to your customers. Personalized customer service and engagement helps businesses create valuable, lifelong partnerships with customers rather than simply having a vendor-client relationship. Partnerships yield higher conversions than any other method.
  6. Loyalty benefits – A critical aspect of superior customer service involves implementing loyalty programs. Rolling out a loyalty program for your existing customers helps increase conversions by making customers feel valued and rewarded for their continued business. There are several ways to do this, including special discounts, promotions for a specific set of customers, and showcasing them as case studies for other prospects. Loyalty programs need not have to be only in the form of commercial benefits. In fact, other forms convert customers to become partners, which leads to a high conversion rate.
  7. Keep it simple – A key differentiator between superior customer service and ordinary customer service is the simplicity with which customers can access organizations’ customer service. Organizations with simple terms and conditions along with associated policies are seen as customer friendly. Customers always prefer to deal with businesses and organizations which are customer oriented.
  8. Access to customer service on multiple devices – Given the explosion of internet use and mobile application growth globally, customers prefer companies that provide customer services on the go. People are traveling more than ever and businesses that enable ease of access to customer services on any device are the preferred choice for many customers. Providing multiple access for customer service enhances conversion rate.


Today’s customers are demanding and well-educated on their needs. Studies have shown that the majority of customers research products and services before approaching the business to make any purchases. Having superior customer service enables customers to engage easily with businesses and simplifies this process. It also helps businesses to be seen as customer-oriented. Superior customer services help businesses partner with customers to create qualified, lifelong relationships that will result in a higher present and future rate of conversion.

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