How Ai Is Revolutionizing the E-Commerce Industry?

Artificial Intelligence or Ai is the best we could have gotten out of technology, to say the least. Just look around yourself – lately, doing anything is not as tough as it used to be, back in the ‘good, old days.’ As if getting information from the tip of touch was not enough luxury, now we also have devices so smart that just require us to blabber words to get the work done.

e-commerce industry

From turning on the lights to playing songs based on the mood, it will not take Ai to outsmart us, humans. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant – if you did not know already, their godmother is the ultimate Ai. In fact, as per statistics, it is believed that Ai-powered voice assistants like Alexa and Siri will reach a huge milestone of 8 billion by the year 2023!

Now, let us quickly take a look at how this same genius called Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing e-commerce platforms. Trust me, you are in for a surprise!

  1. Targeting the correct customers

E-commerce giants have become ‘giants’ because they have new customers coming in bulk, almost every day, every hour. But, ever wondered how they manage to reach out to so many people, or precisely, those people who are most likely to be interested in their products? Well, the credit goes to Artificial Intelligence.

Ai like total synergy records a customer’s data which helps the E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart to figure out what the customer needs. Next up, you are bombarded with suggestions and offers on products of a similar category. And well, the rest is history.

  1. Brilliant advertising

It’s no news how impressively adept the whole e-commerce industry is at advertising and marketing their products. So much so that most of the time, we fall prey to their tactics and end up making a purchase even if we do not really need the item in the first place.

Well, you and I might despise this but the sellers have their set of reasons for thanking Ai for this. Artificial Intelligence automates these advertisements for them which helps the sellers in making good profits with little effort. A complete revolution, isn’t it?

  1. The ease of voice search

A very recent research on Ai and voice search revealed that as many as 40% of internet users in the U.S. resort to voice search for looking up for anything on the web. Do you think the e-commerce platforms needed any more reasons to add a voice search feature to their website?

Owing to the level of ease it provides, a voice search has revolutionized the entire game for the e-commerce industry, in the real sense of the word. Now, not only the tech geeks but the ones who have just entered the arena of smartphones and technology can also order anything – from Gucci to anything local.

  1. Chatbots

Cannot take the contribution of the millions of chatbots in revolutionizing eCommerce and its features for granted, ever. Earlier, e-commerce used to be this platform where people had little or less provision to get their complaints or feedback registered because, “too lengthy a process, my god!”

But thanks to the invention of chatbots, now registering a complaint has become as easy as giving a 5-star rating to the app on Playstore. And not just easy, it has also become really efficient because you generally get quick responses regarding your grievance.

  1. Enhanced security

Last but never least, security is always a huge concern. Especially when it comes to the e-commerce industry, ensuring complete security is nothing short of an urgent necessity at all times. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, eBay – these sites hold many of our crucial data, which they have to make sure never gets corrupted anytime.

With the rise of ideas like digitalization and its allied concepts, ensuring cybersecurity has become important because hackers have grown in numbers too. But thanks to Ai, they serve this purpose too by increasing the overall security of the database for the e-commerce industry.


Ai is one of the many wonders of 21st-century technological advancement. Here, we listed a few reasons why Ai is said to be revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. Read this article and find out how those e-commerce giants are benefited by Ai.

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