How AI is Revolutionizing the Way We Look at Resumes

Once upon a time, all resumes had to be written, edited, and reviewed by human beings. Well, not anymore — thanks to how AI is revolutionizing resumes and has taken on all of these tasks.

AI — or artificial intelligence —  is the key to unlocking the power of resume-writing programs for both job applicants and employers. 

But how exactly is AI technology used in the resume industry? 

It all started out with the ATS software that made it easier for recruiters to select the most relevant resumes based on the keywords used. 

Today, computer systems driven by artificial intelligence can tell job seekers if their resume is good or bad, or even how well it’s tailored to a specific job ad. Now, AI can even start to write resume content from scratch.

What’s an AI resume writer & how can it write your resume?

An AI resume writer refers to a computer program powered by artificial intelligence that can create resumes automatically when given a set of information. 

Only a small amount of information is needed for a well-designed AI resume writer to work its magic. 

Once you enter the required information — for instance, a job title — AI resume programs can then generate partial or complete resumes based on the information provided. 

But how exactly is AI able to do this?

Let’s take a closer look at how AI is revolutionizing resumes:

How artificial intelligence works 

Artificial intelligence is a highly complex technology with many applications across all industries. 

To help simplify the complexity of how AI (resume writer) works, we’ve broken the process down into three key steps:

  • First, large amounts of data are collected. A large number of resumes have their data transferred into a database that’s easy for an AI program to read and scan through. This can include real-life resumes that former job applicants have agreed to share, as well as sample resumes written by resume professionals and programmers. 
  • Next, data is processed through intelligent algorithms. Once an AI program has a sufficient amount of data to work with, the program can process this information to identify trends and patterns in the data. AI resume writers can identify that successful resumes all have similar language in the work experience section.  
  • Finally, the AI learns from the data it has processed. After an AI program has successfully identified trends and patterns in data, it can learn from this information to improve its own processes. Likewise, as new information is introduced, the AI program can adapt to and apply new things it learns, allowing it to evolve over time. This is highly necessary for AI resume writers, as what employers look for in a resume can change dramatically based on current trends.

Ok, easy enough, but what is at the core of AI resume writer?

AI resume writers most commonly use GPT-3 model from OpenAI.

The GPT-3 model is the third generation of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.

GPT-3 is a machine-learning model that can be used for many AI applications. It offers deep-learning capabilities with the option to include more than 175 billion machine-learning parameters. Moreover, the model uses natural language processing (NLP) to learn to imitate human-written text near-precisely. 

Sounds pretty complicated, right?

To put it simply, the GPT-3 model allows for some of the most sophisticated AI writing programs to date. With the help of billions of parameters and NLP capabilities, GPT-3 can generate complete texts that are convincingly human with just a tiny amount of input information.

The GPT-3 model is, in fact, largely responsible for the advancements in AI resume-writing technology. 

With its help, resume experts can team up with AI programmers to design professional AI resume-writing programs that look and sound perfectly human. 

What about AI resume review tools? 

Along with AI programs made to write entire resumes, there also exists a variety of AI resume checker tools.

An AI resume checker (also commonly called an AI resume review tool) works similarly to AI resume writers. The key difference is that — rather than generating a resume based on input information — an AI resume checker uses your resume as the input data and checks it for flaws and measures its overall value. 

Examples of information that an AI resume checker may look for in your resume include:

  • Inclusion of all necessary resume sections (work experience, education, skills, etc.) 
  • Errors or layout flaws on a resume (misspellings, blank spaces, etc.) 
  • Writing quality and conciseness

There are also less complex AI programs called resume scanners

This type of AI-powered resume tool doesn’t offer as in-depth resume analyses as resume checkers. Instead, a resume scanner checks for the right type and amount of keywords needed for your resume to sound tailored to a specific job.  

It’s highly advantageous to use AI resume checkers and scanners when writing your resume. With the help of these tools, you can ensure your resume is effective and impressive to employers. 

Why do we need AI resume writers?

At this point, you may be wondering — why is it necessary to use AI at all when writing a resume? 

These days, employers are faced with more job applicants (and, thus, more job applications) than ever before. The Great Reshuffle brought about by the pandemic has led to an abundance of job applicants in the employment pool — with roughly 44% of all workers looking for new employment opportunities.   

As such, your chances of encountering competition during your job hunt are high. 

Moreover, employers aren’t always physically able to look through every single application they receive. Think about it — with each application, comes a resume, cover letter, and other documents that take time and effort to sort through. 

So, they make use of AI, too — with the applicant tracking system or ATS for short. 

What is ATS? 

An ATS is a computer program that utilizes AI technology to scan and review resumes, cover letters, and other job application documents. These programs look for keywords, errors, and other information that can help narrow down the hiring pool and lessen the workload for an employer. 

While ATS applications can vary in their complexity, most search for the following key details in a resume: 

  • Simplicity and readability. Though it can be tempting to add tons of graphics and pictures to your resume, this can make it harder for an ATS application to read. ATS systems look for simplicity and readability, such as short sentences that are well-organized with bullet points.
  • Keywords and phrases. Most ATS applications are programmed to search resumes for specific keywords and phrases. For instance, if a job applicant is applying for a position as a digital marketer, an employer might configure an ATS to look for keywords related to digital marketing, such as SEO proficiency or content creation. 
  • Specific sections. Although you want your resume to stand out, don’t stray too far from a standard format. ATS programs look for specific sections, like Work Experience, to make sure you have included the right information on your resume. If you switch things up too much and use out-of-the-ordinary titles for your sections, you may throw the ATS off. 

This is yet another reason why using AI resume writers and checkers can be useful.

These programs are made to optimize resumes in a way that is well-received by ATS programs. Thus, using an AI resume writer or checker can help you not only impress a human employer but an AI-powered ATS program as well. 

Key takeaways: The future of AI in resumes and job search

When it comes to optimizing the resume writing and hiring process, AI is here to stay.

For job applicants that want to give their resumes a true competitive edge, using AI tools is the key. With the help of AI resume writers and checkers, you can ensure your resume has the best chance possible at catching an employer’s eye and also passing the ATS. 

Finally, an AI resume writer will make the process of writing your resume much easier and more straightforward. Plus, it will save some valuable time. So what’s not to like? 

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