How AI is Taking Over Online Gambling

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Is AI Technology Influencing Online Gamblers?

When discussing disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic. It comes as no surprise that the online gambling industry, which fully embraces innovation and trends, is incorporating AI into its toolkit and undergoing immense transformation. In doing so, the landscape is radically changing as online casino operators apply it to player data and predictive analytics to enhance user experience. In what ways is this technology influencing online gambling and is it changing the habits of online casino players?

What is AI?

The prowess of AI has long been in the making. The world first witnessed its triumph when an IBM super computer beat chess master, Garry Kasparov more than 20 years ago. More recently, Carnegie Mellon’s AI-bot beat the world’s top poker players in thousands of poker matches. This powerful example of machine learning shows the link between AI and gaming; and the technology is only improving. 

AI uses the power of computers and machines to imitate learning, problem solving, and decision making of the human mind. It allows machines to perform tasks that were only capable with human intelligence until now. With its incredible capabilities, AI is being utilized in a number of ways and is a boon to the many industries that it supports.

AI Amps Up UX to New Levels

In the world of online gambling, its application is numerous, particularly with user experience. Brick and mortar casinos spend an enormous amount of resources to determine the best way to draw players into the casino and keep them there. More time means more money spent playing games. Everything from the layout of the casino floor to lighting, temperature, and other features and amenities are all in an effort to enhance the customer’s experience. 

These days, as more and more players gamble straight from their laptop or smartphone, online casinos still have the same objective. What are the best ways to influence gamblers’ habits, keep them playing more games and spending money? AI and machine learning are incredible tools to answer this question. 

Player Data and Predictive Analysis

The many capabilities of AI include capturing and collecting vast amounts of data and analyzing for predictions, otherwise known as predictive analysis. When a player logs into their online casino account and starts playing their favorite games, trying new ones, winning and losing, and cashing out, they are creating data. AI has made it possible for online casinos to capture, collect, and analyze all of this valuable player data. 

What is the use of analyzing player data? In large part, the value lies in its usefulness to craft a customized user experience. With player data, AI can analyze what game a player chooses and how much time they spend playing that game to then make predictions about what other game to suggest next. 

A Customized User Experience

For gamblers, this is unparalleled service for the average player. With AI, online casinos can not only make game suggestions based on history, but it can also identify key players and showcase special offers and campaigns to valuable customers only. If a gambler likes to play roulette for real money then he or she could receive tailored offers on more roulette games, targeting that specific preference.

The potential is limitless. Online casinos can create customized home pages that are geared to the individual so the player does not have to endlessly scroll to find games of interest. Instead, AI does all the work, intelligently anticipating and predicting what the player likes and making suggestions. As more and more player data is collected, these recommendations become more and more accurate. Think of it like the Instagram algorithm suggesting posts to user feeds. Sometimes, it seems like the algorithm knows you better than you know yourself.

Identify Problematic Players

In addition to learning a user’s preferences and making relevant suggestions, AI can also use its ability to identify patterns and predict behavior to weed out cheaters and fraudulent activity. It is effortless for AI to identify patterns of cheating whereas, without it, it would be much more difficult for casino operators. 

It can also raise the flag on fraudulent activity. If a user who typically plays low cost slots is suddenly placing high bets at the poker table, AI can flag this unusual behavior to suspend the account. Similarly, AI can also identify problematic gambling patterns. If a user’s playing habits indicate a gambling addiction, the casino operator could be notified. Another way that it is a force for good in influencing the habits of online gamblers. 


The online gambling industry is one that is quick on its feet and always at the forefront of new technology and innovation. This means online gamblers get to experience some of the best that gambling has to offer. The introduction of AI has taken this to the next level as online casino operators can now create customized experiences to each and every player. Personalized homepages, specific game recommendations, tailored offers, and protection against gambling addiction are all ways that AI has revolutionized the user experience.

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