How AI Paraphrasing Tool Helps Students Beat Plagiarism Checks?

Beating plagiarism is a necessity for students today. So, how does an AI-based Paraphraser help with that?

Plagiarism is a global problem, and students are at the center of it all. According to a study, 80% of the students admitted that they had cheated or plagiarized at least once during their academic years. This should tell you how important it is to avoid plagiarism.

That’s why a student needs help from tools today, and an article rewriter is one of the best tools they can use. But, how does it avoid plagiarism? Doesn’t changing enough content means it’s patchwork? To help you understand how an AI Paraphrasing Tool assists a student in beating plagiarism checks, let’s dive in deeper.

What Is An AI Paraphrasing Tool?

An AI Paraphrasing Tool, as the name suggests, is a tool based on artificial intelligence. The tool employs a variety of AI-based algorithms to improve, rephrase or recreate content – depending on the user’s command. As wrote, AI algorithms can be handy tools to also make sure the information is real and of good quality.

The paraphrase Tool available online has different options for paraphrasing just like the one shown in the image below:

As you can see in the bottom-right, the tool offers three main content tones. How does it do that? Based on its NLP properties. NLP, otherwise known as natural language processing, is a branch of AI that helps a computer read and comprehend text.

Upon reading it, the tool offers these three tones, with each one helping you rewrite your text accordingly. How does each one help a student?

  • The text Improver option will amp up the content and reword a few essential terms & phrases
  • Near Human option will re-form the content from top-to-bottom without compromising the central idea
  • The Plagiarism Remover option will change content enough to pass any plagiarism check – making the content ideal for citations and quotations

These three options can help students or writers improve their content accordingly. Lastly, the blue button you see in the middle is the tool’s cue to get to work as soon as you click it.

Why Do Students Need To Avoid Plagiarism?

The implications of plagiarism aren’t just within college or university walls. Suppose a student plagiarizes their assignments, tests, and other writings. In that case, they will end up feeling its impact for years to come, until their careers.

Therefore, one of the many reasons plagiarism is unethical isn’t only because it strips the original author of any credit but also because it costs the plagiarizer more in terms of long-term impact. To help you understand just how much, here are three reasons to avoid plagiarism:

1.   Academic Integrity

Academic integrity or performance of a student depends on how well they perform in each of their tasks. This includes their test scores, assignment qualities, and overall ability to write good academic content. That’s why it’s important for students to avoid plagiarism, as it can rid them of all these elements.

2.   Good Grades

Getting good grades is perhaps the most crucial reason a student should do everything in their might to avoid plagiarism. Their writing’s evaluation depends not only on it but also because original research and content can elevate their own skills & understanding of particular subjects.

3.   Career Implications

Plagiarizing causes students to feel long-term implications in terms of careers. Because without learning correctly, they cannot make an impact in any industry or niche after they finish school.

How To Use an AI Paraphraser To Beat Plagiarism Checks?

An AI rewriter can change the sentence with the same meaning. In other words, without hindering the sentence’s idea, it can rephrase content within a few seconds. So, is this a practical approach to removing plagiarism?

Let’s find out:

1.   Find Plagiarized Content In Your Text

The first step you need to take is to find plagiarism in your text. In order to do that, use any dependable online plagiarism checker that you can find. Once you do, you will find plagiarism in your content like this:

As you can see, this plagiarism checker shows us that the content is 100% plagiarized. That’s why it needs to be rewritten entirely. So, let’s move to the next step:

2.   Use an Online Paraphrasing Tool

An AI rewriter tool is one of your best bets at removing plagiarism. Therefore, let’s see how well it rephrase plagiarized content with the three options that it provides:

Text Improver

The first option, also called Text Improver, is to revamp content just a tad bit. So, can it remove plagiarism?

As we can see here, the content has been changed by this word paraphraser. While this may not be enough for total plagiarism, such as in this case, it might be ideal for minor plagiarism.

Near Human

The second option provided by this tool is “Near Human.” This option promises to make drastic changes to the content, so let’s see how that works:

Compared to the initial changes, this option did rewrite the content and made some drastic changes. However, the tool still doesn’t intend it to be the plagiarism remover.

Plagiarism Remover

The last option provided by this tool is “Plagiarism Remover.” This option removes certain elements and uses alternative words and synonyms to reword content while keeping the same central idea.

Here, we can see it working in full effect. Compared to the earlier two options, the changes in this one are much more drastic. Therefore, providing this option is the best way to remove all sorts of plagiarism.

3.   Check For Plagiarism Again

The last thing that remains now is to check for plagiarism once more. Since we decided to go with the last option, here’s what we see when checking for plagiarism again:

As seen here, the plagiarism checker shows this content to be 100% original. However, a student might beat plagiarism with this. Still, they do need to cite the source to effectively avoid any plagiarism claims.


There’s your process of using an AI rewriter to remove plagiarism from your content. As a student, it’s your responsibility to avoid plagiarism and cite or quote the original author. This will improve your image as a student and a learner.

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