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Amazon is one of the world’s largest companies and the world’s largest online retailer. Since the 1990s, it is grown exponentially and continues to diversify itself to meet its customers’ needs. It is known as one of the most customer-centric companies, yet it began as only a bookselling company on the internet by Jeff Bezos, who came out as its CEO.

Many people study Amazon and try to figure out exactly what made them so successful and how they can duplicate it. The truth is, it’s pretty simple. Some of their core ideas and processes are incredibly easy to replicate, and many companies can make money using the same ways. There are many ways that other businesses can replicate Amazon methods in your interactions, such as by using eCommerce operations, cloud services, and digital advertising.

Web Services

One of Amazon’s most successful sectors is its Amazon Web Services. This is their cloud computing software in the available platforms to individuals, companies, and governments. Part of what makes this so revolutionary is the fact that it is a metered pay-as-you-go opportunity. That means that many individuals; they can pay as they use the service, rather than using a subscription. This is one of their only services that offer this model, but it is still somewhat successful.

Cloud-based services are some of the most popular services on the internet today, and it’s a great reason why. They are instrumental, and people can use them for various pieces of data and documents. If people are looking to replicate this, this would be one of the most successful ideas to use, but there’s an even more, more straightforward idea that many individuals glance over because they do not think of it as a service or a way to make money.


People who use Amazon know about Amazon Prime. This is their most exclusive subscription-based, and it entails a significant number of different features for them. Amazon Prime includes their videos, free delivery is, and more. Many individuals can take advantage of this, and they use it for various reasons, including delivering their groceries to their homes. Amazon has mastered the art of creating new ways for people to buy into their company but do so with activities they would need to do anyways.

In truth, the subscription model was mastered by Amazon, according to Kashif Tahir of Cuddle Marketing. As Tahir says, Amazon would rather spend money on their existing customers than advertise and market to new customers.

They keep their customers for the long haul and keep acquiring clients along the way, guaranteeing them recurring sales and expanding their customer base at the same time. This is the magic of Amazon and what many companies want to replicate. It is simple: find something that people wish to, offer it at a regular price, and continue to add value to their experiences.

Amazon subscriptions do work because of how many offers they give their customers. With items such as food and home products, there are a significant number of needs-based items that many individuals will use again and again. People can also turn to Amazon Prime, as explained before, and Kindle Unlimited and other services. People have tools at their disposal, and they can use them whenever they can log online because they’ve already subscribed for them.

Recurring sales are some of the most critical deals people can make because they are the hardest to endure. It’s easy to find a new customer and continue to purchase or continue to convert, but it is not easy to find somebody who will continue and be loyal to the company. Small business owners need to put a greater focus on recurring sales. With several different options available, there are many ways that you can use the Amazon method of making money and turn it into your process.

Using Coupons

Amazon is allowed to teach small businesses, and small businesses can use the same subscription model and use coupons to help supplement their recurring sales. Amazon can spend billions of dollars per year financing new original films and series and promoting more integration with other platforms and networks. While small businesses will not have this, coupons are still a great alternative that will allow them to create recurring sales and continue to be more cost-effective.

According to some studies, coupons will drive more customers to your business. More than 90% of customers have used a voucher in the past 90 days, which is significant because many people want to save money. It is difficult to find anyone who will say no to a great discount on a good product! Couponing has long been a treasured activity of many individuals around the world.

However, there are some disadvantages to using coupons. A discount will mean less money and less profitability; yet, you do have more of a benefit if people can return and become loyal to your company. You must be careful about how many coupons you allow. You don’t want to start selling your products and losing money for people to buy your products and services. It would help if you found a way to make money but still use these methods to attract the right customers to your business.

To make sure the coupons do work for your business, you need to make sure they are purchasing items that will not put you at a loss. If you’re buying things that are continually putting you at a loss, this will negatively impact your business. However, with coupons, you can maximize the digital world and allow customers from all over the world to take advantage of your business. Additionally, you can continue to drive traffic, which will continue to get the attention you need to get the business you want.

Using Subscriptions

Subscription-based models are also another excellent way for you to continue to grow your small business. This business model is superior in the long run because it allows you to create more long-term growth and sustain yourself. It’s more cost-effective and designed for long-term success, as well as sales growth.

What subscriptions do is allow individuals to have more recurring revenue rather than one-time revenue or purchases. You can sell a service or product through a subscription, allowing individuals to access it whenever they need to. This is incredibly helpful for many individuals, as well As for the company. With more emphasis on long-term use, these individuals will likely commit for the long term rather than only for a short-term, one-time purchase.¡

Studies have shown that subscription-based businesses are going to be the new normal. More than 40% of customers already pay for an online streaming service that they subscribe to, and 15% subscribe to an eCommerce service. This study took place in 2019. It’s likely even more of an increase because the pandemic occurred. Due to this event, people used much more of their home and their streaming services than before. It is expected to grow even more with people working from home and using their home offices as their main base!

Ways to Implement Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be done in many ways, not just like Amazon has done or even Netflix or Spotify. There are many ways to use this to become more cost-effective for you in your business. You can offer streaming services with a freemium plan or even provide monthly subscriptions in boxes associated. Additionally, you can also look into food services if you’re a small business. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind if you’re going to implement this business model into your structure.

Tips for Subscriptions

Make sure that you determine your goals early, rather than forcing yourself to decide at a later time. You want to make sure you’re on the same page and that your whole business is geared towards this one goal rather than being all over the place. Additionally, you want to have more customers, so that’s why you will provide excellent customer service and an excellent onboarding journey. Make sure this is all set up. Otherwise, you might lose business.

If you can streamline your business and create strong customer relationships, you will have a successful subscript from the company and continue to have more profitability in the future. This is incredibly important and allows you to plan growth before it even happens, rather than forcing yourself to try and design and make up for the losses you might incur.


Subscription-based businesses are king, and they are significant because of Amazon’s stellar model. If you want to truly become successful, you need to learn from Amazon and take a peek at everything they have done. At the bottom line, they have been nothing but supportive of their customers, constantly trying to expand and diversify their market to provide for their customers. In the future, small businesses and others will likely do the same and find that they will also be just as successful and profitable in the future.

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