How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Impact VPN Technology & Industry

Artificial intelligence is progressing impressively over the times. The machine’s ability to learn has creative have carved a path for a number of technologies such as manufacturing robots and smart assistance. Big firms are investing heavily in AI, but along with that, a significant concern on privacy has become known as AI learns via retrieving the personal information that is a big question mark on privacy.

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People are getting used to the convenience that AI provides. On the other hand, they are concerned about hiding personal information, and both activities cannot go side by side. That’s where VPN comes to the rescue that allows users to encrypt the data in order to get online privacy.

Furthermore, the cybersecurity industry is also taking AI’s assistance to provide more digital safety to the users, raising a significant question: will AI improve VPN technology or create barriers in VPN efficiency?

AI Role in Online Privacy Protection

The machine learning capabilities and an extensive AI database can help in alerting users about any forthcoming cyber threat by identifying the patterns. Since the pandemic, the VPN usage for streaming has significantly increased after the numerous incidents of cyberattacks. VPN is actually getting better with the advancement in AI. Cybersecurity companies should make development in AI to create strong streaming VPN to detect and prevent cyberattacks easily.

VPN Will Become Necessity to Cater AI Censorship

Big tech giants and government organizations are taking AI assistance in monitoring online content. Some of the monitoring is being performed in good deeds, such as Facebook using AI censorship tools to cater the mental health issues and prevent suicides. The AI analyzes the user’s posting pattern on social media platforms and alerts any forthcoming self-harm intentions. Many government organizations are using the same technology to prevent any harmful activities.

But here is the catch; the AI online censorship creates difficulty in managing online privacy, and the online censorship sometimes went on to the level of online surveillance that makes the concept of privacy a hokum.

However, with the help of a VPN, you can quickly stop AI censorship. The aggressive use of AI censorship will definitely make VPN a necessary commodity to use in all devices for accessing the internet.

The Rise AI-Assisted Tool Will Increase VPN Demand

Nobody likes to share personal data, but it is the fuel of AI to perform at the highest level. AI-powered tools such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant need complete access to your device information to provide you the customized suggestions. Many people are seriously concern about providing their financial and personal data to an AI-powered tool regardless of convenience.

The use of a virtual private network provides a surety to these concerned users to explore the internet without being concerned about privacy invasion. Moreover, they can easily access any restricted websites with no worries of data breaches. However, every new AI advancement will bring new challenges to the VPN industry to improve their technology to compete with AI with encryption.

AI-Based Routing Prediction

The merge of VPN and AI is inevitable; one thing that is most likely to happen in the near future is AI-based routing. With AI routing, the users will automatically connect with the VPN server closest to their destination, and all the online traffic will transfer via the VPN network.

This will provide extreme feasibility and convenience, as the user does not have to change the server to unblock geo-restricted websites of different regions. For instance, if you try to access an Australian website, you will be connected with an Australian VPN server as an exit server. Besides convenience, it will also make sure your connection with a VPN network to get online privacy at an optimum level.

Wrapping Up

Like two sides of the coin, AI has both negative and positive impacts on VPN technology and industry. The rise of AI will surely increase the demand for VPN, and AI advancement will help in improving VPN technology. In foresight, AI will also bring new challenges for encryption technology, and VPN companies will have to overcome those challenges timely. 

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