How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping With Automation Of Industries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly disrupting modern industries, as the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is already in the process of automating traditional industrial practices. AI and automation are ushering in the era of intelligent technology. The Forrester report also states that AI is here to shine in 2021, as right from customized manufacturing to remote work, everything will be automated.

AI is not the future thing, and now it is the present and widely used in the Supply Chain, Retail, Manufacturing, gaming, gambling, and many other industries. If you love playing a card game like online Blackjack, then AI can help with demonstrating the right strategy for this casino game. Moreover, many online casinos use automation and AI to help players with responsible gambling.

Understanding the Role of AI in Automation

Artificial Intelligence is not limited to those high-tech scary sci-fi movies anymore, as the last few years have seen industries including automated systems to make work easier. AI is helping industrial machines and even computers to carry out intelligent tasks. Businesses and machines have come in harmony with the penetration of the AI system.

A report states that AI technologies will add almost $15 trillion to the global economy by 2032. The market’s momentum will accelerate because of the steady increase in Artificial Intelligence year-over-year growth. Moreover, AI plays a more significant role in impacting the automation process undertaken in the industries. Below are a few ways how AI can help:

  • Analyzing the Data: Online data is immense, and it is available over the internet like a ‘Lake.’ The data is useless if we do not unlock the real purpose. After analyzing them analytically, you can use them for valuable insights into the business. Even the data can be automated to be used at the right time by the employees.
  • Helps with Business Productivity: The digitally generated data can increase productivity. By using AI along with automation, data scientists can provide the best forecasts. AI-based software can be used to leverage the great potential of these technologies.
  • Role in Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is the need of the hour. The businesses that are analyzing customer behavior and their interests using AI can reach out to them fast. Companies can use the automation process to send emails to their immediate customers and personalize the buying process. The AI will help analyze all landing pages the users scroll past, how much time they spend watching the videos, images, and much more.
  • Use of AI and Automation in the Production Industry: AI in the production and manufacturing sectors will help cut the cost manifold and improve resource productivity. The automated AI operations will fasten the process, optimizing the operations, and improving efficiency. Even the transportation and logistics will also be synchronized with the end-to-end operations.
  • Empowering Through Chatbots: Online businesses can now empower themselves using AI-powered chatbots, which can play a significant role in giving fast resolutions to customers. Your customers may need to request assistance. Your business can save time and money by providing solutions for their inquiries. Chatbots can help customers 24/7 by offering the best customer support.


The industries can go a long way by adopting AI in the industrial sectors and synchronizing it with the automation process. They can check their production, inventory, sales, customer demands, employees’ requirements, and marketing campaigns. The market is ever-changing so we need to adapt to these technologies as soon as possible.

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