How Automation Marketing Can Steer Any Industry Growth

What is meant by marketing automation?

Gone are the days you had to reach out to prospective customers by having to do the hard job of deploying huge resources and manual labor. For greater marketing customer retention, automation is key. MA is the use of software or technology to simplify customer engagement. You could automate the process of sending emails, social media communications, and texts. As a result, you will have time to focus on more beneficial tasks.

Why should business automate their workflow?

Automation creates a robust customer engagement platform. With greater relations, businesses can:

  • Build a captivating atmosphere where the customer is at the center
  • Win more leads
  • Lower organisational marketing costs

How does MA function?

The logic of automation is straightforward. Marketers use tailored messages to prospects depending on assessed criteria such as customer traits. Simply, you can set up the processes and let messages run in the background, on a pre-qualified criteria. 

Marketing automation: how to maximize its results ?

Marketing automation tools let you work seamlessly. That said, tools that allow more customization will generate greater success. The following tips may also come in handy: 

  • Segment the list, e.g., by age, location, and behavior, to personalize by unique categories
  • Send great messages/content that captures the imagination and prompts action
  • Apply prompts but avoid spam-trigger words, “buy,” “click,” etc.
  • Keep engaging, not a one-off event

Which industries should you apply automated marketing?

There is no ceiling on the industry that can apply a marketing automation tool. The sectors include but are not limited to: 

  • Finance
  • Information services
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Technology
  • Healthcare

What percentage of businesses are using automated marketing?

About 56% of entities have automated their marketing, per research by Emailmonday. Another study by Invesp found that 80% of companies that applied automated marketing tools increased leads. 

Marketing automation: how it affects your customers

The process ensures that the content marketers push will be targeted to the needs and pain points of key market segments. With an individual approach, businesses can raise their customers’ interest in their products or services and increase brand awareness.

What should you know before you get started with marketing automation?

The tips below may help to get started with a marketing automation solution:

  • Know your customer 
  • Explore technology options
  • Look externally and weigh against the industry
  • Map out the process
  • Initiate, test, and launch
  • Measure and improve

What benefits accrue from marketing automation?

  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness

With integration, automation eliminates ineffective manual procedures and issues of handling isolated data.

  • Enhances brand appeal

Greater personalized messages build decisive engagements that let customers become glued to your brand.

  • Greater trust

Automation cements customer journeys through diverse engagements such as feedback mechanisms and reviews. It is key to building trust and lasting relations.

  • Encourages greater output on main tasks

Automating repetitive tasks to allow them to run independently lets you concentrate on the core tasks.

  • Customization of experiences

Marketing automation tools come with segmentation features. As a result, you can turn your web visitors into leads by tackling their needs.

  • Aligns teams in sales and marketing 

The sales team can get prospects from marketers in real time via the automated process. That aligns them better and allows greater lead scoring. 

  • Eliminates human mistakes

Mistakes can often arise if you have to create and prepare recurring to-dos manually. Automating keeps errors away.

  • Boosts sales

Automation allows you to push tailored messages via different touchpoints and channels for broader reach.

  • More lead scoring

Marketing automation services track leads that can be retargeted in the future if they weren’t converted in the first instance.

  • Process monitoring 

The best marketing automation tools feature analytics and performance reports. That allows a thorough audit of the process for improvement.

Should your organisation adopt a marketing automation tool?

Businesses of all sizes, structures, and lifecycles can benefit from a marketing automation solution. Just evaluate the organisational goals and go for the technology that suits you the most.

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