How Better Safety Can Help You Market Your Business

A safer construction business is a more popular construction business. With the right strategies, you can utilize higher rates of workplace safety to market your business. Why is safety such a high priority? And how can it help you promote and improve the reputation of your business?

The Value of Workplace Safety

Maintaining workplace safety is a high priority for any business where injuries and serious accidents are possible. The best approach is to carefully analyze risks, study leading and lagging indicators, and use a mix of different strategies to encourage safer practices, such as ensuring proper protective equipment availability, educating and training employees, and implementing a system of accountability to hold individuals accountable for their actions.

The benefits of a comprehensive approach to workplace safety are manifold:

  •       Fewer injuries and incidents. The obvious benefit of improved safety in the workplace is fewer injuries and incidents. As a caring business owner, you want to keep your workers safe, happy, and healthy. An injury on the jobsite isn’t just a legal headache or an expense to worry about; it’s a development that can weigh on your conscience for years to come.
  •       Cost savings. Investing in workplace safety is also associated with cost savings. You may have to spend extra money to purchase safety equipment, more thoroughly train your employees, or eliminate hazards on the jobsite. In turn, you’ll save countless thousands of dollars on workers’ comp claims, lawsuits, and legal fees.
  •       Less complexity. Filing paperwork after an incident can be time-consuming and stressful, and if the process is mismanaged, it can cause even more legal complexities down the road. It’s much easier to simply prevent injuries and accidents so this complexity never emerges.
  •       Compliance with laws and regulations. Committing to workplace safety is also important to remain in compliance with local laws and regulations. If you want to remain in good standing with OSHA and other governing bodies and organizations, investing in safety is a must.

But how exactly does this impact the value of your marketing and advertising campaign?

There are several benefits here as well:

  •       Prevention of bad press. If there’s a significant incident at your jobsite, you can expect to hear about it in the news. The more significant the incident is, the more coverage it’s going to get. Even a single catastrophic incident at a jobsite of yours can result in a disastrous wave of bad press. Practicing better safety standards in and around the jobsite means you’ll effectively prevent this bad press from ever getting out.
  •       Peace of mind for customers. If you can prove that your business is one of the safest of its kind, your customers and prospects are going to have greater peace of mind. People generally want to make ethical and conscientious purchasing decisions. They want to feel like they’re spending money on something that’s morally reasonable and neutral in terms of impact. If your operations are unsafe, or if customers don’t feel confident in the safety of your organization, they’re going to be less likely to work with you.
  •       An image of professionalism. Demonstrating commitment to safety also lends itself to building your image as a professional organization. Small and amateurish operations are typically less polished and less attentive, leading to less safe environments and worse outcomes. If your business is competent enough to make safety a high priority, it’s probably competent enough to do a good job in every other significant area of operation.
  •       Statistics to show off. You can show off your safety statistics in a variety of marketing and advertising materials. People respond well to numerical statistics, so these can elevate your promotional work.
  •       Word of mouth potential. Maintaining a safe jobsite/workplace can also improve your word of mouth marketing potential. If your customers are impressed by your commitment to safety, they’ll recommend your business to friends and family members. If your employees feel safe and happy, they’re going to be much more likely to promote the business on your behalf.

Utilizing Safety in a Marketing Campaign

Once you make a full commitment to workplace safety, some of the marketing benefits are going to come naturally. These steps can help you carry them further:

  •       Emphasize safety in your marketing materials. In your marketing materials, you’ll likely be tempted to emphasize your core competencies and show off examples of excellent work you’ve done in the past. This is valuable, but you should also emphasize safety in your marketing materials. Explain why maintaining a safe jobsite is important to you, describe the value of a safe workplace for investors, customers, and employees, and list some of the steps you’ve taken to make your workplace safer.
  •       Highlight key safety statistics. In line with this, mention key safety statistics. This is your way of proving just how safe your jobsites are – and quantifying the value of your efforts.
  •       Demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail in all matters. Tie safety into the rest of your work by demonstrating your professionalism and attention to detail. You care about jobsite safety, so you’ve taken the time to master it. What else have you mastered in this business?

With a safer workplace, your employees will feel more protected and more confident in their work. And as an added bonus, you’ll gain the potential for greater marketing and advertising results.

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