How to Boost Your Mood with Integrative Health

Life can present several challenges, which can have detrimental effects on your mood. Sometimes these can knock you for six and cause you to feel down, sluggish, listless, and irritable. This, in turn, can cause you to fall into negative patterns of thinking, which will inevitably perpetuate low, dark moods. Nevertheless, there are several ways to boost your mood and activities you can do, which positively affect your mind. You can also find a naturopathic doctor to help find an integrative health solution to your problems.

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Keep your brain engaged

A great way to boost your mind is by keeping your brain engaged. Often, when someone feels listless and down, you have let your mind wander to negative and harmful places.  By keeping your mind engaged, you might notice a welcome nourishing distraction

Take some time to read a book, listen to a podcast or watch a film, make notes and allow yourself to engage on a critical level. This type of distraction can reduce anxiety and enhance cognitive functioning.

Try natural remedies

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If you feel your low mood is persistent but you are averse to seeking medication for it, there are several natural remedies that you can try, which might have a positive effect on your mood. St John’s Wort, for example, has been used for centuries to treat depression and anxiety. It is a nerve tonic with natural antidepressant properties that have been known to improve moods. CBD is another natural oil that has been known to have mood-enhancing side effects.

People believe that CBD may keep your serotonin levels in balance, thus positively affecting your mood. Explore CBD oils UK to see some great products.

Finally, B vitamins, zinc, and magnesium are important for regulating mood and dopamine production. You should try to incorporate these into your diet and add supplements if need be. If you want to increase your daily magnesium intake, you can check out RnA ReSet for natural supplements. If you are on medication already, always speak to a doctor before adding natural remedies to your routine, just to be safe.

Eat mood-boosting foods

You may not realize it, but what you eat can have a great effect on your mood. For example, it is worthwhile avoiding sugar as it can deplete your energy, crash your mood, and trigger anxiety. Foods that are great for mood-boosting include nutritious vegetables, oily fish, fermented foods, bananas and beans, and lentils.

The main aim is to get foods high in healthy fats, B vitamins, and foods that are great for your gut. Up to 90% of our serotonin receptors are found in our gut, so a healthy microbiome is essential for a healthy mind and a positive mood.


Understandably, if you are feeling sluggish and low, exercise is probably the last thing that is on your mind. However, it is one of the best antidotes to a low mood. Exercise is known to boost your serotonin levels and give people an enormous sense of wellbeing.

It is a powerful medicine for many common mental health challenges. Make a conscious effort to add exercise into your daily routine to get the blood moving and help to increase your mood.

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