How to build a great mobile application

There is a high competition of mobile applications attention. Every idea owner wants to develop a mobile application that is catching the attention of the end users. This competition is stiff, as there are approximately 2.9 million applications in the Google Play store (For android users) and approximately 2.5 million in the App Store (For IPhone users) . The end user uses approximately 8 apps per day and 28 per month.

This means that there are many mobile applications that are not used by people. So this means that developing a mobile application is not the only big deal. The deal is to have a mobile application that is serving the end user.

Build a great mobile application
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One of the major challenges with a technology that is easily accessible is over supply of developed software. The end user will always have a limited attention to most developed software. End user will never download a mobile application just because it exists. They will only download mobile applications that are serving them. This means that the mobile application must solve the users problem or make their day-to-day activities easier

To have a successful mobile application, you have to stand out from the rest. Market research and choosing mobile application developers with great expertise will help you stand out.

Market research will save you time and resources because you’ll listen to the end user and get to know whether your idea will solve their problem or not. Once you get this information you’ll either develop a successful mobile application or not develop the app completely because you realized it is not what the end users want and your mobile app will not be amongst the dead apps on play store.

Features of a successful app

Successful mobile applications combine several aspects as listed below;

  1. Market
  2. User
  3. Product

When the factors listed above work hand in hand, they will definitely give the end users extra ordinary value, great usability, excellent performance and finally accessibility.

What makes mobile application a successful one?

A successful mobile app has two major categories:

  1. Consumer-centric
  2. Business-centric.

Consumer-centric features:

  • Great designs
  • Professional UI & UX interfaces
  • Stability and reliability of the workflow
  • Data protection
  • Access to help

Business-centric features:

  • Always encourage user retention
  • Seamless and hassle-free payments
  • Data-breach protected
  • Affordable maintenance cost
  • Simple update procedure

To build a successful mobile application you need the following

Have identified of your target audience

The first thing you need is to know the people who are going to use your mobile application. That is your target audience and they are the people who are going to determine whether your app fails or succeeds.

This is very important as it helps you evaluate the business potential of your mobile application idea that is if the market needs it.

Offer value

A valuable mobile application idea must solve users problems that are associated with the target potential audience.

Your mobile application must give the end user a reason to download the app and user it and recommend other people to download you mobile application. Users will only download mobile applications that are serving then and that are making their lives easy. Trust me, no mater how appealing you mobile application is, if it is not solving users problem, they won’t download it.

Choose the right technology stack

The technology you choose to develop your mobile application determines the success of your app. If  at all you want to develop very successful mobile application,  you must  choose the right technology. You can choose the following

  1. Platform-Specific Native App
  2. Cross-Platform Native App
  3. Hybrid App

Last and not the least, for you to build a successful mobile application, you need the best mobile application developers.  Contact Glitex Solutions Limited to develop your successful mobile application.