How Businesses Can Master Efficiency with SAP Consulting Services

At the moment, with over 100 solutions for almost all business procedures and over 230 million cloud service users, SAP is one of the world’s most renowned and popular software vendors. With the largest cloud portfolio of SAP services, this technology transforms all business processes into a smart suite based on an intelligent platform.

In 2022, the SAP ecosystem market size was estimated at USD 97.5 billion with a potential to hit around USD 154.5 billion before 2030, according to the Zion Market Research. Sharply increased global popularity of SAP resulted in a growing demand for SAP consulting services because in-house IT teams aren’t always familiar with the intelligent solutions SAP offers. What does a SAP consultant do? Where to look for SAP experts? How do businesses profit from SAP consulting? All answers are below.

SAP Consulting Services: What Is This?

Briefly, SAP consulting service represents a team of pros with expertise in SAP that helps companies of any scale integrate and customize SAP functionality to meet industry-specific requirements.  

Some consultants specialize in functional or technical fields, while a larger consulting company like CLARITY can offer a full array of SAP solutions and guide its clients all the way through the digital transformation and optimization process.  

A reputable SAP consulting company can boost an enterprise’s performance: automation of routine operations helps to optimize a workflow, eliminate errors, accelerate data processing, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase profits.

Typically, a team includes 4 types of specialists:

–          Financial advisor. A specialist with expertise in the financial field who can evaluate operational processes and determine aspects that can be automated and optimized to upscale overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

–          Developer. A programmer (or a team of programmers) responsible for coding and add-ons development.

         Functional consultant. A program tester who works in close cooperation with a programmer to make sure a tailored solution meets niche-specific requirements.

–          SAP installation consultant. A person (or a team) is responsible for software installation and smooth integration with the current IT infrastructure.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need SAP Consulting Services

Installation of intelligent software solutions doesn’t boost productivity and revenue flow on its own. To optimize workflow processes you need technical expertise and deep knowledge of SAP functionality and how separate components work in the context of various business niches. This requires years of studies and practical experience. For this reason, you’d better entrust a digital transformation to professionals.  

What do consultants do?

  • Detailed analysis of the business processes. Detection of procedures to be improved and optimized.    
  • Assessment of security vulnerabilities.
  • Development of a digital transformation plan. Assessment of existing IT architecture and creation of a new digital road map built on innovative technological solutions. A new IT strategy is developed based on the minute analysis of business needs, performance, and stated objectives. Development of custom-tailored add-ons.
  • Adaptation of a corporate structure to digital innovations. Responsible experts guide and train employees to get the most of the SAP functionality.

How Do Businesses Profit from SAP Consultancy?

  1.     Integration of diversified services into a structured and organized system. SAP pros can integrate and streamline an array of applications and tools into a single system. SAP integration instruments allow the elimination of repetitive tasks and remove administrative clutter.
  2.     Higher employee productivity. The automated workflow frees the workforce from routine, error-prone tasks to focus on strategic planning. A smoother workflow leads to a notable increase in productivity.
  3.       Automation of routine workflow. The automated document flow, reporting, or billing increases data visibility, improves coordination between departments, and refines management.   
  4.       Real-time reporting and analytics. Built-in data analysis provides valuable insights for consequent decision-making. In addition, customizable SAP tools can be configured to alert you in real-time about specified actions or events. As Benjamin Franklin stated in his Advice to Young Tradesman, “Time Is Money.” Keeping track of events in real time facilitates planning and simplifies decision-making.
  5.     Improved data analysis and revenue flows. In the era of large databases, the automated process of data capturen and analysis cannot be overemphasized. With useful insights based on the custom-tailored analytical functionality of SAP software, an enterprise earns an undeniable advantage in the market.

How to Select a Reliable Consulting Company?

The choice of the right SAP expert is determinative as it impacts the success and market capacity of the enterprise in the long run. Keeping in mind a diversified portfolio of SAP offers, you should determine what modules you need. Then, you search for a consultant with expertise in these modules:

  • Look for a reputable company with experience in your niche.
  • Select at least three candidates, get in touch, and explain the strategic mission and the challenges the company has. Ask for portfolios.
  • Give preference to SAP expert partners because “expert” status confirms the highest level of competency in SAP.
  • Estimate your budget and ask about the service rates. Avoid companies offering suspiciously low rates out of the average market price bracket — the last thing you need is to deal with scammers.
  • Once the financial side is settled, get down to work. Keep in mind that a detailed description of the workflow, corporate structure, and goals serves as a solid background for the seamless integration of SAP into the company’s IT ecosystem.

The right SAP partner will help to refine the routine work and document flow and get the utmost value of innovative technology.

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