How businesses and their clients can benefit from powder coating

Ensuring metal products look their best is a vital part of the manufacturing process for both businesses and their clients. There are many ways to ensure paint looks as good as possible in the manufacturing process, but one of the most popular is to paint it. Traditional liquid paint has been applied to metal in a variety of ways for hundreds of years, and while it has been very effective, alternative methods have been developed.

One such method is powder coating. This process uses dry paint powder, which is applied using an electrostatic paint gun with compressed air. To improve the ability of the paint powder to stick to the metal, there is a difference in charge created between the paint powder and the metal target. Once fully coated the metal is then baked to finish the process.

There are a variety of benefits to the process, to both businesses and clients, and in this article, we are going to go through some of them.

For businesses

The first area to highlight is the environmental impact of powder coating compared to traditional paints. Because powder coating releases little to no VOC (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere it is considered a non-toxic form of painting.

VOCs can also be very harmful to human health, along with contributing to air pollution. By using powder coating to paint metal, businesses are lowering their environmental impact compared to other painting processes.

Secondly, as it is possible to reuse the powder which is not applied to a target, businesses can make financial savings on the painting process. As powder coating should take place in a sterile environment, the powder which misses the target (known as overspray) can be collected and used again.

The key thing to remember here is that this is only possible if the powder does not mix with another colour. When compared to wet paint, any overspray or spillages cannot be used again and simply go to waste, costing the business money.

For clients

Firstly, powder coating lasts longer than traditional paint. This is because of the application process. Not only does the difference in charge help attract the paint to the metal, but baking the item further strengthens the chemical bonds between the paint and the metal.

What is produces is a highly durable and long-lasting coating with a smooth and even finish. With this high-quality finish lasting longer, not only does it look great as a finished product but for some items, it can save clients money.

If we look at garden furniture for example, not only can powder look great, but it is more resistant to chips or cracks. If garden furniture is painted with liquid paint it can crack and then it will need to be stripped and repainted, which can cost more money. For this reason, it can be more financially beneficial to have something powder coating and avoid future re-painting costs.

Finally, because the coating is so strong, powder coating actually does a great job of protecting the metal underneath the paint. This can increase the lifespan of an item and allow clients to get more out of it.

metal, but as this process becomes more popular and more businesses and individual clients see the benefits it can offer it could become more well-known.

Powder coating services may not be as well-known as more traditional forms of painting or coating metal, but as this process becomes more popular and more businesses and individual clients see the benefits it can offer, it could become more well-known. Businesses like Seattle Powder Coat typically offer services such as powder coating for various metal items like automotive parts, furniture, industrial equipment, and more.

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