How Can A Twitter Account Bring More Customers And Sales To Your Business?

In the past few years, social media has experienced an increasing influence in the marketing industry, but why? According to Twesocial, where you can buy real Twitter followers, one of the reasons is social media posts’ ability to reach a larger number of people globally than regular TV commercials or billboard ads. More so, the seats could cost way less than the traditional marketing strategies depending on how they are structured, created, and released. This is even truer for Twitter.

Why you should consider marketing your business on Twitter

As one of the biggest social media platforms globally, Twitter has also experienced its fair share of marketing popularity. The venue boasted over 300 million active monthly users in 2019, and it is estimated that there’s been an uptick in the number of users since then. But other than the online traffic generated every month, check out these statistics that prove the marketing benefits of the medium:

  • Twitter ad revenues went up in 2020. This might seem like a boon for the people selling those ads, but it has to be noted that if the ad revenue increases, they are working enough to interest more people.
  • It has been estimated that Twitter followers follow an average of 5 businesses. This speaks for itself.
  • 82% of B2B content marketers used Twitter as a marketing tool in the last year.

That said, like most social media platforms, the success of online marketing within their communities is only as successful as the strategies that are implemented. For this reason, the engagement of followers and the acquisition of more followers are also a big deal. Besides utilizing influencers’ services, real Twitter followers can be procured for a cheap price on specific platforms with the reach, following, and connection to make it possible. In turn, more followers will attract even more subscribers than can be potential customers and generate more sales for your brand.

How to use Twitter to build your brand and business

  1. Try to build your Twitter followers. This might seem complicated because of the initial lack of popularity you might possess, but with effort and regular strategizing, it’s a genuine possibility. For one, you’d have to be as engaging as possible on the platform but keep tweets as light as possible. Your posts should also be reasonably focused on brand development and advertisement and shouldn’t delve into the political area. A big reason to not engage too profoundly on issues not about your business or brand is to avoid creating an unnecessary bias against your brand among potential customers. Another popular way to reach followers is to engage with influencers in fields related to yours. They have the followers you want; why not leverage that and build relationships with them to expand your reach.
  2. Optimize your posts and tweets using analytics. This should help you structure your tweets based on past data about which ones were most successful. Combining this use of analytics with keyword monitoring and research on competitors’ audiences might provide you with more information than you think. Imagine being able to isolate the users most likely to react to your posts, the words and references they are likely to be taken in by, and the ones that work best for you?
  3. Think like a potential customer. Ask yourself how you would like to be approached as a customer and the things that would turn you off. This is the first way to settle into a good groove and get over any reservations you might have about your methods. Ensure you stay engaged and authentic while doing this, and refer to step number 2 for follow-up advice.
  4. Work on your descriptions and tweets. One of the biggest draws of Twitter is the concise nature of posts and profile information. This gives people the ability to consume a lot of posts in minutes. As such, you have to leverage that using pictures and other media as much as possible. GIFs and memes, for instance, generate a lot of reactions on social media. Every post must be the best possible version you could have come up with, and it must be all that without using too many words or images. Invest in catchy material, extensive research, and creative thinking.
  5. Embrace trends and hashtags. Hashtags are a way to utilize the reach of a tendency to your advantage. However, be careful not to use them in a way that betrays the spirit of the movement while just focusing on your brand alone. Instead, creatively mesh your message and business interest into the direction where possible.
  6. Use Twitter ads. The medium is free, but various advertising options can be purchased to develop a business or brand. Don’t ignore this. It might cost money and require moving many parts to increase its effectiveness, but a little research should make your investment worthwhile.
  7. Don’t shy away from giveaways and contests. It seems manipulative and very obvious, but it is useful. Online games can trigger an influx of traffic and engagement that would benefit your brand in the long run. It would expand the reach of your business and would directly improve your following on Twitter at a cost but without much effort on your part.
  8. Rack up those retweets. Retweets are a potent tool for a marketer on Twitter. This is because, with every click of the retweet icon, your tweet becomes integrated into the feed of a new set of followers on another individual’s account. Thus, encourage your followers and customers to retweet and make this a big part of your contests and giveaways.
  9. Don’t sleep on your website or blog. Whatever you do, never stop generating content and links that direct twitter traffic to your web page. This should be your ultimate goal: getting followers and viewers of your page to visit your website and patronize.

What types of businesses does the platform work best for?

Just like other platforms, there is no recommended business to market on Twitter. Just imagine it to be a vast online market; there would surely be followership for whatever you have to offer. Sure, the popular businesses being influenced still maintain their popularity, but from artists and writers to tech innovators, there’s a community for every talent and endeavor; you have to find yours.

Final thoughts

No matter how stressful it might seem, don’t sleep on the usefulness of Twitter marketing. You could adapt your content on other platforms to fit Twitter, but you have to keep adapting to ensure an optimal response to your content. Don’t forget that the Twitter platform can be an added bonus to all your marketing sources, and a reference, it may lead your customers to your main site.

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