How Can Barco Clickshare Enhance Meeting Room Productivity?

One thing that we’re seeing an increasingly higher level of usage for is conference room technology – particularly those that allow for easier remote access and simpler connectivity. It seems like the industry is starting to embark on a journey towards heightened productivity and eliminating those irritating stumbling blocks that often cause issues before, during, and after the meeting. One device that’s helping to bridge the gap between clumsy meetings and smooth, productive conferences is the Barco Clickshare, a simple, yet powerful way to change the way you operate your meeting rooms.

What Is Barco Clickshare?

Barco Clickshare is a system that allows users to instantly share content in a way that doesn’t require transferring wires, logging in and out of devices or any other tedious fumbling. 

There are two different ranges; Barco Clickshare, ideal for presentations, and Barco Clickshare Conference to help you connect with colleagues and external parties.

With Barco Clickshare, you can share what’s on your laptop or mobile device onto a presentation screen. Compatible with any device, laptops can connect via the USB button on the collaboration app, while mobile devices can connect through mobile apps. It is a straightforward way of sharing your screen to the room’s communal display. It may be a simple change to the way you present, but it is a crucial one, as it can maintain the flow of productivity and information.

For closer collaboration, Barco Clickshare Conference allows you to facilitate a hybrid workplace and work between home offices, remote workers and in the office. Wirelessly share your meeting room, with no software needed, and transform smaller meeting or huddle rooms into bigger conference facilities. 

How Will You Use It?

You’ll use Barco Clickshare in almost any meeting or conference where multiple users may be looking to share their content with the group – presentations and brainstorming sessions are great to use cases, as different users are able to simply display and explain their points with a push of a button. This offers true one-click functionality for the ultimate ease-of-use. 

One the device is connected and set up on your laptop or computer, a single click communicates with the central console, displaying your screen instantly, but in addition to this you can also use the device with smartphones too – this means you can take your meetings with you for a truly versatile experience. 

What Are The Benefits?

The main benefits associated with Barco Clickshare is the aforementioned boost to productivity and practicality that it brings to your meetings – what was previously a really messy setup process is now replaced with a sleek, modern device that operates in a single click – this is likely to shave crucial time off of the duration of a meeting so that you can get stuck into making progress on your projects as soon as possible.

The flexibility is also a great benefit presented by the Barco Clickshare devices, allowing you to take this simplicity with you so that you’re able to easily join in and share meetings whether you’re in your own meeting room or traveling elsewhere. 

Learning how to make the most of the devices that are available is a huge step towards creating an enhanced meeting space for your business, but it’s not always easy to decide which devices are best for you with so many on offer. By working with a video conferencing specialist such as Kinly, you’ll be able to design tailored spaces that allow your employees to collaborate in the ways that are most beneficial to your business. Whether it’s breakout spaces, huddle rooms, or full-scale conference rooms, there are different solutions that can help you to get the most out of every situation. Get in touch with Kinly today to find out how you could make use or Barco Clickshare, or a combination of devices, to improve your meeting experiences today!

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