How can businesses protect their workplace from the latest Omicron surge?

The latest strain of the coronavirus that has changed the world as we know it, Omicron is still at large across the globe. So, how can we protect employees from this new mutation? Let us take a look. 

Allow hybrid or remote working 

Even though working from home is not mandated like it was at the beginning of the pandemic, it is only natural that some employees might feel anxious about returning to the office whilst Omicron is still surging. Therefore, it can be helpful for overall well being to offer hybrid and remote working options.  

One way you can support this is by investing in up-to-date and efficient business phone systems that are hosted in the cloud. With VoIP telephone capabilities, this will allow employees to work from wherever they choose, whenever they want, and on whatever device they have to hand, without any kind of disruption to their working practices.

Ensure proper ventilation 

Ventilation ensures that potentially contaminated air circulates out of the office, being replaced by fresh air from outside. As coronavirus can be spread through the air, this is more important than ever before. 

Whether you upgrade your air conditioning and air flow units, or simply ensure that windows are kept open, this can also improve productivity in the workplace. However, it is important to ensure that your office has the necessary filtration systems to keep the coronavirus at bay. 

Clean frequent touch points 

Make sure that touch points such as doors, handles, taps, desks, keyboards, and so on, are frequently cleaned using appropriate cleaning products. This ensures that there is less risk of anyone picking up someone else’s germs if they enter the building after them. 

It is also important to promote frequent and thorough hand washing routines, further reducing the risk of transmission from touch points. You can support this by supplying antibacterial hand gel and wipes for employees to use after touching frequently used surfaces. 

Social distancing

Social distancing was once a mandatory requirement of the early days of the pandemic. Though it isn’t required by government advice anymore, it is still a useful tool that we can use to keep our employees safe at work. 

Try organising desks in a way that they are 1m apart, and recommend staff to stay at least 1m away from each other when they are walking around the office. This might not be possible for all offices, or indeed if your job requires you to be on-the-go, but it is still a fantastic thing to aim towards.

Improve online communication 

If you work in a sector that requires customers to enter your building in order to procure your products or services, then it can be a good idea to try and limit the amount of people that pass through your doors every day. This does not mean that you need to limit the amount of people that use your company, however – just take some of it online. 

By improving your online services, customers will be able to get everything they need without having to step foot on your premises. This goes for customer service too – if a customer can find answers through email, live chat, social media, or your website, this will reduce the footfall through your physical building, without affecting your sales targets. 

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