How can businesses schedule text messages

If you own a business or do marketing, it’s really important to keep talking to your customers. 

Sending them text messages is a good way to do that, and if you plan when to send them, it works even better.

SMS is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers these days. You can also authenticate users by sending OTP to a mobile number online using SMS verification services. 

Planning when to send your texts is a great idea to make your job easier and keep your SMS marketing organised. You can use SMS API providers for the same.

Let’s go through the blog to understand what scheduled texts are, how they help your business and how you can use them. 

What Is a Scheduled Text?

A scheduled text is a message that you set to be sent automatically at a specific time or when something specific happens, like someone joining your list or a text blast that you want to schedule for later.

There are different types:

Autoresponders: Messages that you schedule to be sent right away or later, like a welcome message when someone signs up.

Campaigns: Mass texts you send to some or all of your contacts, and you can schedule them for later.

Inbox messages: When you talk one-on-one with contacts, scheduling these messages is useful, especially if you’re answering late at night or early in the morning.

Automated texts through integrations: Messages set up with tools like Zapier that trigger based on what your contacts do in other platforms, like sending reminders for appointments.

Real-life examples of text message scheduling

Appointment Reminders

When you send scheduled reminders for appointments, it’s like giving your clients great customer service. With this, you can help your customers remember important meetings with you. Interactions become smoother and customers can now have a positive experience.

Hotel Check-in or Check-out:

For hotels, sending scheduled texts is a fantastic way to make the customer experience better. If you keep your guests informed about check-in or check-out times, the’ll be more than happy and will retain for future.

Event Deadlines:

If your business involves selling tickets or running competitions, using scheduled texts keeps your customers in the loop. Updates sent as SMS related to dates of ticket sales allows you to create a lasting impression. They will never miss any exciting opportunities. 

Delivery Updates:

In the world of online shopping, sending scheduled delivery updates to customers is a smart move. It keeps them informed about their orders, creating a positive image of your business and reducing customer questions.

Birthday Greetings with Deals:

Sending scheduled birthday wishes with special deals is a personal way for businesses to connect with customers. It makes them feel appreciated and encourages them to keep coming back and speaking positively about your brand.

Payment Reminders:

To keep things running smoothly for your business, it’s important to make sure payments come in on time. Sending scheduled payment reminders is a pro move. It not only helps you handle your money well but also makes your connection with customers stronger.

Account Activation Messages:

When it comes to online security for your business, using scheduled account activation messages is like having a guard on duty. It stops fake accounts from popping up. By making sure real users activate their accounts safely, you’re building a trustworthy group of users.

Secure Logins with One-Time Codes:

If you’re serious about keeping your customers’ info safe, let them Get OTP on Mobile Number for logins to go ahead. If you add this extra layer of security, you will be able to inform your customers know their accounts and info are well-protected.

The Importance of Scheduled Texts for Your Business:

Adding scheduled texts to your business game plan is a smart move. You can now improve how you communicate and make your customers satisfied. With this approach, you totally enhance how your business operates.

Scheduling Texts on your Phone:

You can also schedule texts on your phone when you’re on the move. No need for a laptop. Different methods and apps are now in the market to make it easy for your business. You can simply create and schedule texts on the go, giving you flexibility and convenience.

How to Schedule Texts on an iPhone

Great news for iPhone users! You can effortlessly schedule your texts using two built-in apps: Shortcuts and Reminders. Let’s delve into the process for each.


For those with iPhone 13 or newer versions, or even earlier models, the Shortcuts app makes scheduling a breeze:

  • Open the app and select “Automation” at the bottom.
  • Tap the plus sign at the top right.
  • Choose “Create Personal Automation.”
  • Set your preferred time and click “Next.”
  • Opt for “Send Message” from the action list.
  • Craft your message, add the recipient, and click “Next.”
  • If you want a quick review before sending, choose “Ask Before Running,” then hit “Done.”

Note: The Shortcuts app supports recurring automations, but remember to delete it if it’s a one-off message.


Although not fully automatic, Reminders can be a handy tool to ensure you don’t forget to send texts:

  • Open the Reminders app and tap “New Reminder.”
  • Title your reminder, like “Text [contact name].”
  • Under “Details,” set the date and time, then click “Add.”
  • Toggle on “When Messaging” and add the contact for specific reminders during messaging.

Android Text Scheduling

Android users, fear not! Whether using Google Messages or Samsung Messages, scheduling is simple.

Google Messages

  • Open the app, but hold off on sending immediately.
  • Instead of tapping “Send,” press down the Send button.
  • Choose “Pick date and time,” set presets or your own.
  • Hit “Next,” then “Send.” Look for the clock icon indicating a scheduled message.

Schedule Texts with MessageNow

Planning when to send texts can really help if you’re a busy business owner. By scheduling messages, you can easily provide your customers with the info they need without much effort from you and no waiting on their end.

Whether you pick a business texting platform or an app on your phone, scheduling texts is a smart way to save time and keep your texting plan efficient.

If you like the idea of a business texting platform but don’t want to be stuck at your computer, MessageNow is here for you. With MessageNow, you can send bulk messages at once and give your customers the satisfaction they deserve.​ You can get in touch with the team to get started.