How Can Employment Medical Checks Optimise Your Workforce?

With remote recruitment becoming more the new normal, have you thought about how adopting additional assessments to validate a candidate’s fitness for work can potentially reduce the risk for your organisation?

Melbourne based workforce compliance specialists WorkPro unveiled their Employment Medical Checks  service in partnership with Jobfit during the last quarter of 2021 following client research and exploring trends in compliance checks for different markets.

“Deep diving into market research got us asking questions about the trends that Jobfit were uncovering, and the primary reasons they believed demand was increasing for medical checks’ noted WorkPro CEO Tania Evans. ‘The fact that remote recruitment was on the rise was a key reason. ‘

So, why adopt Employment Medical Checks into your candidate screening process?

Below are the top five reasons WorkPro and Jobfit identified that show how implementing Medical Checks can help optimise your workforce:

Identifying Any Potential Risks or Concerns
Naturally, an employer wants to understand if a candidate is at risk of injury due to underlying medical conditions. Perhaps they aren’t aware of an existing condition. Appropriate medical and health check can mitigate any potential risks, optimise worker productivity and reduce workers’ compensation claims/downtime.

Ensuring The Candidate Is Fit for Work
Whether it be industry-specific medical assessments or a general medical screening, these checks are invaluable in making sure candidates are physically capable of the task or role. The removal of any potential concerns is an enormous positive.

Worker Health Has Never Been More Important
If the last two years have shone a light on anything, it’s the importance of good worker health and safety. Whether it be physical or mental health, ensuring your workforce is in good shape is absolutely paramount.

Quality Control for Both Employer & Candidate
Comprehensive screening and medical checks are a great sign of quality and assurance for both employer and candidate. It shows that compliance and work safety are principal concerns for both parties.

Sustainability for The Future!
Employment medical checks are the best way to ensure the candidate is not only fit for right now but also heading into the future as they progress further with the company. Medical Checks aren’t just for vetting a candidate before they’ve joined your team, they’re critical for ensuring worker productivity and sustainability moving forward.

Unfamiliar with WorkPro? Workforce compliance has been assisting Australian businesses to manage workforce compliance for 15 years. From background checks, work right checks, workplace inductions & eLearning, reference checks, police checks, and a clever licence and document management function, the platform enables organisations to quickly curate a suitable screening, onboarding and induction program for any industry and candidate. Most importantly, you can utilise all of the fundamental recruiting and compliance elements in one platform.

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