How Can I Make Sure the Operating Theatre is Up to Standard?

If you are the person in charge of an operating theatre, or even on the board of directors for that facility, you may want to make sure you offer a high standard of care to those that entrust their health to you. Likewise, you might also want to simplify the processes for members of staff, so it is easy for them to find what they need, and know that they are working in a safe, hygienic environment. Making regular checks of what is there, and following up on any complaints or reports in a timely manner, will also be of use to you.

Taking the time to stock check each item that should be present could make a big difference, especially if a large or lengthy operation is scheduled to take place. Checking the anesthesia cart contents could be incredibly important. This can help your team to make sure they choose the right medication, depending on whether their patient is an adult or child. Correctly labeling all drawers and trays can also make it easier. Having a good auditing system in place for the cart can also allow you to keep storage solutions replenished, and make sure that any expired products have been disposed of correctly.

The cleanliness of the theatre is also essential for the welfare of both staff and patients. You may want to make sure that it is being cleaned regularly and thoroughly. You may have specific procedures in place for the sterilization of certain equipment, such as lights or beds. Other single-use items may also need to be disposed of in accordance with your hospital policy. Making sure that any staff who will clean the walls, floors, or other furnishings are properly trained can also aid with hygiene. As someone who is in charge of the daily running of this area, it could also be good practice for you to check in on how the room looks, outside of surgery times, to check that nothing is being overlooked.

Another training procedure that you may want to revisit with your staff can be how to scrub up effectively. This can help to prevent infection during the operating process. This can include any handwashing, as well as the PPE used, and how to do it correctly. At times, such as with cesarean births, it may also be necessary for the patient, and potential companion, to also use protective gear. You might want to make sure that there is a surplus to requirements so that you do not risk running out of these items.

An operating theatre has the potential to save lives, bring new ones into the world, and even give people a better quality of life. When looked after correctly, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of infection occurring, and make the job easier for those who are in a more hands-on role. Consider the points above to ensure that the operating theatre in your facility is up to standard. 

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