How Can Professionals Benefit from an MBA in Marketing?

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably wondering what sort of benefits spending an additional three to four semesters in an MBA in Marketing program can do for your career. You’re probably familiar with how a post-graduate degree can open doors to better-paying jobs, but that’s merely the start. Today, we’d like to discuss the types of benefits that an MBA in Marketing degree has to offer to professionals.

You’ll Have More to Offer than Your Non-MBA Peers

There’s no way around it—to stand out as a promising employee in this job market, you have to make yourself become noticed. There are several ways you can differentiate yourself from the herd, but one time-tested way is by working for and earning your MBA in Marketing degree.  

An MBA degree demonstrates that you’re mature, more capable of adapting to dynamic work environments and have a better understanding of business and marketing. Employers will see your degree as an opportunity to cut training costs and potentially benefit from your certified expertise. 

You’ll Have a Wider Selection of Employment Options

An MBA in Marketing is a unique degree in how it prepares the graduate to work in virtually any field. Whether you’re looking for placement in healthcare, manufacturing, or tourism, your skillset will always be in high demand.

Furthermore, with more and more consumers displaying loyalty to greener and more socially responsible companies, it’s your job as the marketer to tell your company’s story in creative ways. As a holder of an MBA in Marketing degree, you’ll have the fresh knowledge that companies are looking for to convey this crucial message to their audiences.

You Can Earn a Higher Starting Salary

This point is probably what excites you the most. One 2020 survey has shown that MBA grads’ starting salaries are considerably higher than their non-MBA peers. They can also earn upwards of 80% more than those with a BA. Of course, an MBA in Marketing doesn’t guarantee a higher starting salary, but the growth potential is a lot more promising.

Greater Growth Potential

An MBA in Marketing degree demonstrates that you’re fully equipped to handle most, if not all, kinds of marketing scenarios in any field. You already have the upper hand over your competitors with bachelor’s degrees during the hiring stage, but after you’ve landed your job, you’re set up to learn and succeed in a relatively brief amount of time.

As is typical of any job, marketers can earn more the more they stick to their work. Over the years, after you’ve gained more hands-on knowledge of how your field works, you’ll have greater bargaining power when it comes time to renegotiate your salary. Your experience and expertise in marketing will also make you a prospective candidate for other companies that are looking to take you out of the hands of your current place of employment.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Where you end up working and what your position ultimately depends on various factors. However, since MBA holders typically don’t work entry-level jobs, they have more influence in the workplace, and as such, get to see first-hand how they directly affect the company.

Seeing and knowing how your decisions play a direct role in leading your company to a brighter future can satisfy any employee. An MBA in Marketing can put you in that position to become an influential figure in your company.

Networking with Like-Minded Peers

Kevin O’Leary from ABC’s Shark Tank once said that the most valuable thing he got from taking his MBA at the University of Western Ontario is getting to his peers, and we all know how that turned out for him.

While the odds of sitting in a classroom next to a future billionaire are minuscule, that doesn’t mean you won’t find value from networking with your peers. Remember that your classmates are just as ambitious as you are and are willing to put in the time and effort to further their careers. You can learn a lot from them, and vice versa.

Learn on Your Own Time

One of the best things about post-graduate degrees, whether you’re working toward an MBA in Marketing or otherwise, is that you can learn on your own time. An increasing number of universities are offering post-graduate degrees that are partially or completely online.

Online degree programs like Nexford MBA have made it possible for students from all over the world to learn from world-class teachers, network with classmates from all over the world, and learn from an international perspective rather than a local one. So, if you’re an employee and want to continue your studies without disrupting your day job, consider signing up for an online MBA in Marketing program.

Final Thoughts

Striving for an MBA in Marketing can be the right move to land a well-paying job and fast-track your career immediately after graduating. In this article, we explained what sort of benefits you can reap from continuing your studies after receiving your bachelor’s degree in marketing. You should have a pretty good idea of whether learning for an additional three to four semesters is worth the investment.

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