How Can Standing Desks Beat Inactivity 

The Canadian work workplace is an excellent place to be. Canada has a pretty relaxed culture, and the workplace is no different. Working hours are typically 9-5, with an hour for lunch. Some companies are experimenting with flextime so employees can come in later and leave earlier.

The work environment also tends to be casual and friendly. Yes, there may be some pressure to get things done quickly. However, employees are generally encouraged to take their time and not feel rushed or stressed out.

Unfortunately, this relaxed nature of the Canadian workplaces also makes them a place that breeds a sedentary lifestyle. According to Statistics Canada, full-time employees of these workplaces remain inactive for 68.9% of their day. The report also showed that only 18.5% of these employees comply with the Physical Activity Guidelines.

What Do These Numbers Mean?

These numbers only suggest that there should be radical changes employers should implement in the workplace to beat inactivity. One way to achieve this is by shifting to standing desks. This won’t be a problem with the help of a reputable Canadian standing desk manufacturer

Here are a couple of ways these standing desks can combat sedentary habits at the workplace. 

They Help You Rev Up Your Metabolism  

Health experts say that “sitting is more lethal than smoking.” It’s true. Inactivity can dismally affect your metabolism, not just because you’re not moving around. Sitting for long periods changes the way your body uses energy.

Fortunately, standing desks are an easy way to combat this problem. Standing up at work will help you burn more calories and speed up your metabolism, which means less fat storage and weight gain over time.

If a standing desk is an answer to your inactivity and weight gain, how many calories do they burn? A lot. 

Standing allows you to burn around 100 to 200 calories per hour. On the other hand, sitting enables your body to shed only about 60 to 130 calories every hour. If you shift between standing and sitting, you can quickly burn 120 to 210 calories in three hours. 

This may not be enough to lose weight in a week or month. However, if you add up the result in a year, it’s not impossible to see significant improvements. 

They Help You Lessen Health Risks

Sitting makes you susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It’s also associated with a higher risk of early death.

But standing desks can help you avoid these risks. Standing desks encourage movement throughout the day, improving your circulation and reducing your risk for health problems. 

They also allow you to get up and walk around periodically throughout the day. This is something that most people don’t do enough of when they work from home or in an office environment. 

They Can Help You Eliminate Back Pain

The average Canadian adult spends a significant amount of their time sitting down. And that’s not good for your health—or your back. Sitting for an extended period throws off your posture and causes muscle fatigue. This can lead to chronic pain in the lower back.

Standing desks allow you to stand up and move around more often throughout the day, which can help avoid muscle fatigue and improve your overall posture. Standing also helps get the blood circulating through your body, which helps with digestion and improves circulation to the brain.

Beat Inactivity With a Standing Desk

If you’re accustomed to being sedentary for a long time, it might feel like standing up will be difficult or painful. But if you start slowly and work up to it, you’ll find that standing is easier than sitting. It could become second nature in no time.

Standing may seem like a small change, but it can help you achieve significant health benefits. If you’re eager to improve your health, try switching your work chair for a stand-up desk today. 

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