How Can You Keep Your Chefs Healthy and Safe in Your Restaurant?

One of your priorities when running a restaurant should be the ability to keep your chefs, as well as your guests, healthy and safe while they are working. This will not only enable you to keep your restaurant running smoothly and avoid staffing issues, but it will also allow you to prove yourself as a conscientious and caring employer who people want to work for. Not only this, but it will help your restaurant to meet legal standards. Therefore, here are some ways you can keep your chefs healthy and safe in 2024. 

  • Be Aware of Allergies 

Although you might be staunchly aware of how to keep your guests with allergies safe, such as separating and cleaning preparation areas and making potential allergens clear on your menus, you might be less aware of how to protect your team. To check that your chefs do not fall ill due to a bad reaction to the food they are cooking, you should make sure that you have asked for information about any allergies that your chefs have, and you might prevent them from working with foods that could potentially trigger a reaction. You might also give them extra protective clothing, such as gloves and a mask, if they are working with substances that are potentially dangerous for them. You might also check that your chefs are carrying EpiPens with them or adapt recipes for them. 

  • Get the Correct Protective Clothing

It is also important to invest in the right clothing for your chefs. For instance, you might look into chef coats from Chefworks for them. These coats can allow them the freedom of movement that they need in the kitchen while collecting any food splashes that would otherwise damage their clothing. Most importantly, these coats can prevent your chefs from burns or other injuries that can commonly occur in the kitchen. You should always make sure that you purchase smart options, though, as these can create a good impression on your visitors.

  • Promote Personal Hygiene

One of the top and most simple steps that you can take for your chefs, though, is to promote personal hygiene. This should be included as part of their training and onboarding sessions. For instance, you should express the importance of handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and putting hair up. You might even have posters around your workplace that can reinforce these measures and remind your team of them. 

  • Have Health and Safety Protocols in Place

When you want to keep your team healthy and safe, you should make sure that you have developed comprehensive protocols that you can run your kitchen by. For instance, you should ensure that everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire and that you have fire doors and extinguishers in place that can limit the damage and risk to others. You should also have a COVID-19 policy on the go that can stop the spread of respiratory infections around your kitchen and to your customers.

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