How Do CBD Products Work In Your Body?

After years of research, scientists have finally concluded that CBD is not the same as weed or marijuana. There is no similarity between these two. The most crucial difference between CBD and weed is the presence of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the part that makes you feel high after smoking a joint. But CBD works differently. It doesn’t even contain 1% of THC, thus making CBD products safe to use.

How Do CBD Products Work In Your Body?
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Effects of CBD products

It may be surprising for you to hear that your body contains cannabinoid receptors called CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are responsible for dealing with your emotions, thinking, memories, appetite, mood, coordination, and movement. CB2 receptors, on the other hand, deal with controlling pain and boosting your immune system. When you use a CBD product, it reacts with either CB1 or CB2 receptors, depending on the reason for which you used the product.

For example, if you consume CBD powder or pills to improve your cognitive skills, the ingredients will react with CB1 receptors. But if you use CBD cream or gel to reduce chronic back pain or neck pain, the CB2 receptors will come into play.

Here’s how different CBD products work in your body:

  1. Acts as a natural pain reliever

With hundreds of painkillers promising to get rid of neck and back pain instantly, it can be challenging to decide between them and CBD products. But remember, painkillers come with a fair share of side-effects that CBD products don’t. CBD cream, oil, and gel act as natural pain relievers that get rid of injury pains once and for all. Applying the product topically to the injured area will reduce the pain slowly and steadily. Once the pain goes away, it won’t come back.

  1. Subsides anxiety attacks

CBD products are excellent in reducing anxiety attacks and depression periods. You can add CBD powder in your daily smoothie or protein shake to keep your mind calm throughout the day. The ingredients react with CB1 receptors to improve your mood.

  1. Reduces neurological disorders

CBD also has anti-seizure properties, making its products excellent for treating various neurological disorders. From neurodegeneration to treating neuronal injuries, CBD products like tinctures and gummies can reduce the effects of these diseases before getting rid of them completely.

Selling CBD products

It is easy to find THC-free CBD products online, thanks to so many websites. But you should target the ones that provide a wholesale program. When you benefit from using CBD products, you would want to share them with your friends and relatives experiencing similar health problems as you did. The wholesale program would enable you to buy in bulk quantities but at reasonable prices so that you can share the products with your near and dear ones.

Sites offering wholesale programs allow members to test samples of new products before their official launch. You can convey the effectiveness of the products to your friends and relatives so that they can get their hands first on the products once the site launches them officially.

This is a win-win for you. You not only experience the benefits of using premium-quality CBD products but also enjoy the perks of a wholesale program.


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