How to choose your lucky number when gambling?

Even if you are not a superstitious person or passionate about numerology, you definitely have a number that mysteriously attracts you. But what is the lucky number you should rely on when betting or playing at an online casino? Maybe it’s a number you meet more often or that has a certain personal meaning. Or maybe you are simply influenced by the cultural significance of numbers.

Lucky numbers are very personal and we use them in many circumstances, even in everyday life. When we choose the lucky numbers for the lottery ticket or when we bet on our favourite team, on one of the roulette numbers, or on the fastest horse on the track, our lucky number or numbers seem to be the easiest choice!

Why are there lucky numbers?

The concept of numbers and objects that bring good luck has roots in ancient times. Numbers have been and are considered to be a bridge that unites the real world of mathematical phenomena with the mystical and inexplicable world of divine power.

Thus, with each use, the number is assigned a new value, universal, and personal load. Whether it’s the apartment number, your birthday, or the number of unspoken wishes, everyone has their own charms, rituals, or superstitions that act on luck. The same thing happens with the numbers used in the world of casinos and gambling!

What is the luckiest number?

The answer to this question can only be subjective. However, some numbers tend to repeat themselves and load up on cultural meanings that are hard to shake even at the expense of time. The same thing happens with unlucky numbers.

It is possible that the first number that comes to mind when you think of the phrase “lucky number” is consecrated 7. Or maybe you think of the magic number 3, the one we know since school, when reading fairy tales seemed without an end.

However, the study of the numbers used in casino games shows frequent use of the number 7. Even professional players, when they have to choose a one-digit number, tend to stop at the mysterious 7.

There are several reasons why we think this number is so popular. In addition to being a prime number, it seems to be constantly repeated in the ordering of the planet. There are 7 elements of the sky, 7 continents, 7 wonders of the ancient world, 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 days a week, and so on.

Moreover, the number 7 is considered magical in many traditions and religions, representing destiny’s number. It is also considered a symbol of Divinity, both in Christianity and in Islam.

Choose your lucky number!

Many players do not yet have a lucky number. If you are among them, you can try to choose one right now with the help of World Numerology! Even if the decision is entirely yours, we suggest some fun tips useful in finding the number that will guide your luck:

Choose one of the lucky numbers such as 3 or 7;

Choose the birthday of your loved ones or even yours;

Calculate the number of letters of your name;

Choose the lucky number according to your zodiac sign;

Calculate the number of your destiny using numerology;

Choose the date of an important event in your life;

Choose a number by drawing lots;

Choose the first number you miss at roulette.

Ready? Did you choose your lucky number? If so, keep in mind that lucky numbers don’t always work. And if you like casino games, use the lucky number as a way to have fun, rather than as a guarantee of success!

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