How Are Copper Peptides Proven To Boost Hair Growth?

Hair loss is a common hair issue that can occur at any stage of life. Different reasons lead to hair loss affecting both males and females alike. Over the years, there have been a bunch of home remedies and treatments that can treat hair loss and promote hair growth, but there was never a cure to the problem. However, scientists may have found a way out of this. Cu-GHK, a type of peptide, has been found to promote hair growth.

Copper peptides or Cu-GHK are naturally found in humans, but with age, it starts dropping, leading to hair loss issues. That’s when scientists decided to research this element and bring advancements in hair treatments. Let’s discuss in deep what this element can do.

What Are Copper Peptides?

These peptides have elements of copper and 3 amino acids, hence the name copper peptides. It has been proven that Cu-GHK can-:

  • Tighten your skin and reverse the effects of aging
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Smoothen skin
  • Reduce spots and improve overall skin appearance
  • Protect cells from UV radiation
  • Improve hair growth
  • Decrease damage from free radicals

Specifically, Cu-GHK is best to reduce inflammation and stimulate hair growth.

How Does Copper Peptide Help In Hair Loss?

1. Blocks the DHT in The Scalp

Copper peptides promote hair growth; it has been proven time and again. It blocks the dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that blocks your hair growth. 5-alpha reductase transforms into DHT on the scalp, and copper peptides can be used to stop this entire process and boost hair growth. Studies have proven that DHT is one of the leading causes of hair loss in men and women.

2. Increases Hair Follicle Size

Not only regenerating hair growth, but Cu-GHK helps in making your hair look thicker. It simply increases the size of follicles. This element has immense anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risks of hair damage and promote hair growth. The damage caused by auto-immune diseases can be repaired with Cu-GHK.

3. Stimulates Blood Flow

It is evident that all your body organs need oxygen, and hair is no different. With a deficiency of oxygen, your hair will not be able to grow stronger and healthier. Copper peptides increase the oxygen in your hair follicles as they have the ability to create new blood vessels from the old vessels. When your hair has enough oxygen supply, it will grow stronger and healthier.

4. Increases Collagen And Elastin

Not only in increasing hair growth, but Cu-GHK also encourages the production of elastin and collagen. Both collagen and elastin are proteins that are found in connective tissue. Copper peptides simply boost elastin and collagen in your body, thereby increasing the fat cell on your scalp so, if you want to promote your hair growth along with improving their health.

Hair loss is a major hair concern that has been impacting both men and women alike. Recently, studies have proven that copper peptides can help in promoting hair growth. The above mentioned is all the information you need to know about the role of Cu-GHK in hair growth.

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