How Could Your Business be Affected if You’re Arrested for a Crime?

If you are arrested for a crime, your business could be more negatively impacted than you think.

Consult an Attorney for Specialist Help

Before we look at precisely how your business could be affected when you are arrested for a criminal offense, it is worth mentioning what you should do if you find yourself being arrested for a crime.

At the earliest opportunity, contact an attorney who specializes in your type of case.

For instance, when you seek advice from criminal defense lawyers New Brunswick-based, such as the experienced attorneys at, you can be sure they have a wealth of expertise and experience in a variety of crimes, including assault, drug charges, weapon offenses, sex crimes, and fraud.

Public Relations Could Dramatically Suffer

Regardless of the size of your business, if you are charged with a felony, the consequences to your business could potentially be devastating. 

First off, as soon as your arrest becomes publicly known, perhaps via the internet, the media, or word of mouth, your business is sure to face all kinds of public relations issues.

Your reputation can become damaged, and as you are sure to know, a good reputation is everything in the business world.

With the damage done to your reputation, you could lose a considerable amount of custom and start losing money rather than making it. Furthermore, your competitors will be well-placed to attract the customers or clients you once had.

The Type of Crime Could Determine the Future Success of Your Business

How much the public relations aspect affects your business when you have been arrested for a crime also depends on the type of crime you commit.

For instance, your customers or clients may not be that concerned about a lesser offense and therefore continue to do business with your company. On the other hand, more serious offenses can influence customers and clients to do business elsewhere.

For instance, if you are arrested for prostitution, while the offense might be a misdemeanor and not carry a prison sentence, it could potentially do more damage to your business in the eyes of your customers than a more serious crime like theft.

You Could Have to Report Your Arrest to an Official Licensing Body

If the business you run involves having a license, you could be required to notify the relevant official licensing body of your arrest. Professionals like doctors, attorneys, and therapists require licenses.

In some circumstances, your license could be taken away. If that happens, it means the end of your current business.

All that hard work you did to become qualified and launch and grow your business will have been for nothing if your license is revoked.

It Will Be Difficult to Run Your Business from Prison

If your arrest results in a conviction, it will be difficult to run your business from behind bars. It is not impossible to do so, but you will need to hire someone to run the business while you are in prison. 

Putting your business in the hands of someone else, even if he or she is someone who has worked for your company for years, can be risky; especially when you are not around to witness everyday operations. 

However, if you find the right person, there is no reason why your business cannot continue to be profitable while you are imprisoned.

In Summary

If you are arrested and convicted, your business can suffer greatly.

You will not be around to run your company, you will be distracted by more pressing issues, your license could be taken away, and you could lose customer confidence.

While it is possible to still run a successful business after you are arrested for a crime, it is obviously best to not commit the crime in the first place.

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