Find Out How a Dash Cam Works

If you have a car or are planning to get one, then it’s important for you to know what a dashboard camera is and how it works. It’s pretty evident just from the name that this camera is made specifically to be placed on the dashboard of your car. Having one installed in your car brings a whole bunch of features and advantages that you will definitely benefit from. 

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Needless to say, there’s a whole world of options out there, and it can be pretty stressful and confusing trying to figure out which one is actually the best pick for you and your car. The answer to that is that you really need to do a bit of research. And just to get you started, check out a review where Wired Smart researched the best dash cams and goes over all the features and pros and cons of different cams that are available in the market. After narrowing down your pick, it’s always good to know how this little camera works in a big way for you and your car.

Recording function

Unlike other recording devices that would require you to remember to switch them on and off, a dash cam, is wired into the car in such a way that it automatically starts recording the moment you turn on the ignition, and stops when you turn the ignition off.  It’s entirely up to you whether you want the recording to be done within the car, or faced outwards to the street. This will all depend on the circumstances. If you don’t feel secure driving in your car in a certain area or feel like you run the risk of being robbed, then keep the recording facing the inside. In the event that you’d like to see how you’re parking or perhaps might run into an accident or with the law, then it’s better to have it facing the outside. There is always the option of having both grounds covered if you get 2 cameras set up. That way, you won’t have to worry about turning the camera to a different point every time you get into the car.


The unique thing about a dash cam is how the storage functions. It is unlike any other device, and this is yet another reason why it’s advisable to use a dash cam rather than any other device when it  comes to surveillance for your car. With all other devices, when the storage fills up you have to take the SD card or hook up the device to your computer in order to clear up some space. With the dash cam’s memory, however, it has a feature that automatically overrides the oldest recordings once the memory has all been used up. This is specifically only useful and seen as an advantage for the car recordings because unlike your phone, you are less likely to want to keep meaningless videos of your driving.

Dash cam image for article - 43999While the workings of a dash cam are pretty straightforward and not complex, their purpose and function is really quite crucial to your safety and convenience if you plan on having a car. It records at all times without you having to remember to switch it on and off, it automatically takes care of the filled memory storage issue, and most importantly, it can keep an eye out on what’s going on inside and outside your car to make sure that you park well and that you are safe.