How do I bypass Gamstop?

This article will discuss how to bypass Gamstop if you are a UK player. Due to recent changes in gambling legislation, users in the United Kingdom are facing a lot of restrictions. It’s not just about bonuses and deposits. Online casino customers are forced to play only a certain amount of time per day, after which a self-exclusion period is activated. This practice is used to prevent users from becoming addicted to gambling.

But what should those, who play in casinos just for pleasure and are not predisposed to gambling addiction do? After all, the government is simply restricting users’ choices by imposing its rules, albeit for the common good. There are several ways around Gamstop without breaking any laws. You will have full access to online casinos, slot machines and bonuses, and there is no need for self-exclusion. Below we take a look at the very concept of Gamstop, where it came from, and let’s break down the main ways around it.

What is a Gamstop?

Gamstop is a British system of voluntary self-exclusion from gambling services. By registering with it, you block all online casinos, betting shops, lotteries and bingo for yourself. The programme covers the whole of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland). The player has a choice of six month, one year and five year exclusion periods. If you want to quickly bypass the gamstop blocking, check out It’s a gambling site registered to overseas regulator Curacao Egaming, which allows it to ignore UK laws.

Gamstop’s system stores a lot of players’ personal data, which allows it to successfully suppress re-registration of accounts if a user decides to return to play. As the player is required to provide personal details when identifying themselves, it is easy for Gamstop to realise that it is the same person registering. Therefore, the new account gets blocked instantly.

What are the disadvantages of Gamstop for the player?

The feature is well-intentioned to help addicted players, but it only hinders everyone else. UK residents who have registered with Gamstop will find it very difficult to get their account unlocked in order to return to their previous game. It’s much easier to bypass Gamstop or switch to overseas casinos.

Disadvantages of the Gamstop system:

  • The minimum self-exclusion period is 6 months, which is very long even for a long break from slot machines.
  • The programme applies to all online casinos in the United Kingdom.
  • A person can be brought into the system by others, even if you have not shown any signs of gambling addiction. To do so, it is sufficient to provide personal information about the player that friends or family have.

Casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are required to participate in the gamstop programme. They automatically receive the status of safe and secure establishments, but this does not mean that foreign-licensed sites are any less reliable.

Ways to bypass gamstop

You can solve your blocking problem right now by using one of the following methods. They are all legal, so there are no consequences:

  1. Use your friends’ personal details. You can register a casino account in the name of a friend who has not entered his details into the Gamstop system. You’ll get unlimited access to all the entertainment, but to withdraw money you’ll need to constantly ask that person to verify the details.
  2. Bypass using a VPN. Most foreign gambling sites are blocked in the UK, but this problem is solved by changing your ip address. Any software that allows you to use a foreign VPN will do. Then it remains to register on the site without fear of instant blocking from gamstop.
  3. Land-based casinos. As Gamstop is an online service that only extends to virtual casinos, you can always head to a land-based establishment. There are over 150 official casinos in the UK, several poker clubs, offices with lotteries and bingo.
  4. Foreign online casinos. One of the best ways to get around blocking quickly is to use a virtual site licensed by Curacao Egaming, MGA or Gibraltar. These regulators are outside the UK, so are not required to connect to the Gamstop system.

Using the circumvention methods provided, you will be able to quickly access your gambling entertainment, get back to your favourite games and enjoy your gambling excitement.

The Gamstop system has strict restriction rules for UK users, depriving them of their favourite gambling games. But now you know a few ways that will make it easy to ignore the self-exclusion feature. Sign up again at an online casino, receive welcome bonuses and play for real money. No more limits on bonuses, playing time and deposits.