How Do I Get an XRP Wallet?

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If you need fast and very cheap transactions, you might be interested in XRP for your investments. It was proposed as a means for global trade. Currently, the Ripple token is used in a cross-border payment system. A transaction that takes 3 to 5 days within the SWIFT payment system can be carried out almost instantly within the Ripple network. 

This is why many choose XRP; it’s a valuable crypto that has one of the the highest market capitalizations. Many who want a Ripple wallet want non-custodial cryptocurrency storage, such as Guarda for the best conditions of holding, buying, and exchanging XRP. Let’s take a look at why. 

Global Aims of Ripple Network

To reach the goal of stimulating global trade with a cheap and effective payment platform, the Ripple project has undertaken the following:

  • Hundreds of servers were situated in the different parts of the world in order to create a system of gateways
  • The distributed data registry technology was used to conduct business transactions
  • If you want to take advantage of easy exchange of XPR with almost instantaneous transactions that take just a couple of minutes and minimal commissions, get your XPR wallet at Guarda. 

Get Your XPR Wallet with Guarda Cryptocurrency Storage

Download Guarda software, and you will be able to

  • get a free XPR wallet with more than fifty other cryptocurrencies wallets. You don’t need to make your personal account since the company cares about the privacy and anonymity of its users
  • manage your XPR in any comfortable way with a wallet of your choice on:
  •  – desktop
  •  – online
  •  – mobile phone
  •  – chrome extension
  • buy any amount of XRP with your credit card. Guarda doesn’t set any limits on your transactions
  • make any other transactions with XRP without asking the permission of the service provider

Ripple puts an accent on cooperation with payment system providers and banks. Investing in this cryptocurrency, you make a step toward easier and more comfortable international trade. You can be sure that traditional financial institutions also support XRP transactions. Open Ripple wallet with Guarda to become a participant in a new model of global trade.

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