How do Temperature and Shade Affect Solar Panel Efficiency?

Although winter season is going on, many people want to know how temperature and shade affect solar panel efficiency, Right? Well, this article is all about that only. Before moving on, let us tell you that if you are in China and looking for the best PV Module, then Chint PV Module is the best. 

Returning to the topic, as summer approaches, temperatures will rise and trees will become thick with green leaves. And in summer season, people will consider going solar. So, in this article, let us tell you about, “How do Temperature and Shade Affect Solar Panel Efficiency?”

The Effect of temperature on the efficiency of PV solar panels

Most of us would assume that the stronger and warmer the sun is, the more electricity our solar panels will produce. But this is not the case. Temperature is an important factor in determining how much power we get from a solar system. Although temperature has no effect on the amount of sunlight received by a solar cell, it does have an effect on the amount of power produced.

Semiconductor materials, such as the most popular crystalline silicon, are required to develop solar cells. Temperature variations can affect semiconductors negatively. Colder temperatures cause solar cells’ voltage to increase, while temperatures above the ideal values reduce their open circuit voltage and power output.

How Does Shade Affect the Efficiency of Solar Panels?

The performance of solar panels for residential or commercial properties can be significantly hampered by shade. Each panel is wired or electrically connected to an inverter. Multiple solar panels and even a whole array can be found in a string. One panel in a string is affected by a shadow, which restricts the flow of energy and turns the string off. The effect of shadow can be reduced by several techniques. To prevent the system from being completely turned off by shadows, a string system with maximum power point (MPP) tracking will vary the voltage of the current.

There are numerous low-tech approaches to shading that can offer a durable deterrent against it. For starters, your installer will carefully inspect your roof to see if any areas are shaded and then design your layout around those areas.  This is crucial for complicated roofs that get irregular sunshine throughout the day. 

Indicator of Temperature

The manufacturer of your solar panels will provide you a sheet on which you will find a phrase which is typically referred to as the temperature coefficient pMax. This statistics usually expressed as a negative percentage, illustrates how temperature affects the panel.

The temperature coefficient percentage shows the change in efficiency as the temperature rises or falls by one degree because solar panels are power tested at 25 Degree Celsius. 

Factors to take into consideration to guarantee the efficiency of solar panels

To ensure the solar panels are as efficient as possible, some aspects need to be taken into account. 

  • Efficiency of energy conversion

Depending on the type of solar module, the spectral response will vary. As a result, the generation of solar energy is affected by changes in spectrum irradiance. By lowering the incident light’s reflection, the energy conversion efficiency is raised.

  • Maintain your solar panels

Solar panels are quite resilient; the majority of warranties range from 15 to 25 years. However, maintaining solar panels will help them convert as much light as possible into electrical power. Regular physical inspections can improve the efficiency of light absorption by solar panels.

What can you do to prevent your panels from overheating?

  • First, when producing the panels, businesses utilize a thermally conductive substrate to help the glass layer evacuate extra heat.
  • It is vital to make sure that you strive to put your solar PV installation where there is good natural ventilation when choosing the location for your installation.


We hope this article will be helpful for you to understand how temperature and shade affects solar panel efficiency. 

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