How does a DHT-blocking shampoo work?

Depending on the severity of your hair loss, you could be prescribed or suggested a range of different products that come in either oral or topical applications.

One of these products is our DHT-blocking shampoo, which is a popular choice among many men who have concerns about hair loss. But how does this shampoo work? 

This article will look at how this product works and the benefits of choosing a DHT-blocking shampoo.

The functionality of DHT-blocking shampoo

Firstly, let’s clarify what DHT is. The male body possesses testosterone, a crucial component in our make-up. Naturally, testosterone is converted into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which forms a lot of the male characteristics men have. However, when this DHT reaches the scalp, it can have negative consequences on our hair, causing it to thin and shed.

While we need some DHT in our systems, having it on our scalp so it can bind to our hair receptors isn’t ideal. So what can we do about this?

Our DHT-blocking shampoo stops the aforementioned binding process so that miniaturization is likely to occur and healthy strands can be promoted during the growth stage of your hair cycle.

Miniaturization is one of the big reasons we encounter thinning hair or lost hair, so to combat this is crucial to seeing the results you want. This shampoo is very simple to use – leave it in for a few minutes to work properly.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the ingredients within this DHT-blocking shampoo are naturally occurring, like Saw Palmetto, which is linked to help with hair loss issues.

How does DHT-blocking shampoo compare to other products? 

If your hair loss is hardly noticeable or even yet to occur, this could be the product for you. It is not a cure for hair loss and won’t do a great deal for those with more severe cases of male pattern hair loss.

It needs to be determined that DHT is indeed the cause of your hair troubles. It could be another reason this is happening, such as a lack of requisite blood flow, stress, or treatment from a separate illness.

If you score higher on the Norwood Scale, the measurement of hair loss severity, and DHT is the cause of your hair loss or thinning, Finasteride tablets could be a stronger form of treatment. This oral method makes its way into your system and is effective in a greater percentage of men.

Compared to regular shampoos, however, DHT-blocking shampoos are more likely to protect your hair against the DHT hormone and leave it in a better condition to strengthen. Our success and positive reviews have gained us a reputation as one of the UK’s premier providers of products against hair loss.

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