How does Amazon’s eCommerce website design help its conversion?

When starting out as a bookseller online, eCommerce giant Amazon, and its founder, Jeff Bezos, would not have thought of the shape this company would take. Starting in 1994, Amazon built itself upon some essential principles and policies, which helped it grow into one of the largest conglomerates in merely two decades. 

From humbly starting  as an online bookseller to becoming an online store where you can find anything, Amazon has come a long way. There are, thus, a lot of lessons to be learned from the success of Amazon and how its eCommerce website design helps its rate of conversion.  

What is Conversion, and why is Amazon succeeding? 

The term Rate of conversion related to the number of purchases made. For example, if 10 people are browsing amazon, and 4 of them make a purchase, the rate of conversion is 40%. Any eCommerce platform can easily track its rate of conversion with the help of analytical tools. While some websites struggle to find the recipe for success, others seem to get the hang of it quickly. Some of the reasons why Amazon, for example, gets so many conversions include: 

  • User friendliness: The amazon eCommerce platform is incredibly user-friendly, with all types of products divided into clear sections. Users can even search for products by name and get the most relevant results in a few seconds. The algorithm website analyzes users’ likes and dislikes and proposes relevant products before and after purchase.
  • Page loading speed: It’s a known fact that websites or platforms that take longer than 2 seconds to load a page lose more clients. So the longer your website takes to load different pages, the lower the conversion rate. Amazon’s eCommerce website design allows every search to open quickly and within a couple of seconds. This leads to more conversions. 
  • Customer support: What contributes to the success of an eCommerce website is the available customer support options. Amazon has multiple customer support options with minimal wait times. When customers are able to get a quick resolution to their queries and problems, they trust the website more and go to that platform repeatedly. Repeat customers boost a website’s conversion rates to a great extent.
  • Range of products: Amazon probably has every product under the sun in its portfolio. What’s more, they have different ranges of products on the website, so that it caters to people with every budget. For example, Amazon sells t-shirts on its platform. Customers can find t-shirts that are both reasonable and expensive. Different quality and budgets of t-shirts allow more users to find the best fit for their needs. 
  • Transparency of policies: What contributes to Amazon’s high rate of conversion is the transparency of policies on the website. Policies related to returns and replacements, and delivery charges are clearly mentioned below every product listing, which allows users to trust Amazon with their money. 

Written by James Lee from WLP Digital.

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