How Does Backward Airflow Inverter Pool Heat Pump Benefit Users?

With the incessant technologies and continuous efforts in innovation, the inverter pool heat pump with backward airflow designs, which can uphold a constant water temperature, is acclaimed worldwide. It is not only an energy-saving solution but also a more economical way to ensure a comfortable and whisper-quiet atmosphere for a wonderful swimming experience. 

In December 2021, Arizton Advisory and Intelligence published a comprehensive data-driven report about the global swimming pool heat pump market. The report anticipated that the global market would reach USD 7.99 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of over 5%.

From the facts and figures mentioned earlier, it is not hard to estimate the massive market size of the inverter pool heat pump. Meanwhile, it stimulates the manufacturers to increase the heat pump production for an even more outstanding user experience with the latest innovations, such as backward airflow designs. Thus, this article points out some significant advantages of the backward airflow inverter pool heat pump. 

Backward Airflow Design in Inverter Pool Heat Pump 

Thanks to creative manufacturers who smartly innovate the inverter pool heat pump with their revolutionary backward airflow design, they rightly receive international praise and recognition.  

But what is the backward airflow design? In a simple word, it can be explained as an automated mechanism in an inverter pool heat pump that changes the direction of the airflow to lower the spatial demands significantly. Moreover, the invisible fan structure of the inverter pool heat pump drives out the cold wind in the backward direction instead of expelling it from the front panel to the people. 

Why Choose Heat Pump with Innovative Backward Airflow Design?

Among the countless reasons to choose the inverter pool heat pump with the innovative backward airflow design, a few of them have been mentioned below:

  • Bring Great User Experience

The inverter pool heat pump with a backward airflow design gives you what you precisely expect. Unlike other traditional units, it provides an ultra-silent and whisper-quiet surrounding for you to enjoy a calm and relaxed experience after a long day at work. Without question, this inverter pool heat pump with a backward airflow adds warmth and comfort to the swimming experience by simply eliminating all the aggravating factors that will bother your experience and extending the swimming time across the four seasons.

  • Allow Users to Install in the Easiest Way

Quick and easy installation processes have always been the top likable quality of the users for any newly bought goods. Luckily, the inverter pool heat pump with a backward airflow design allows users to install it easily. As a result, you can feel the up and running inverter pool heat pump in a few hours, maintaining your pool water temperature at the desired level.

  • Avoid the Cold Wind Blowing from the Front

Previous inverter-directed heat pumps were created to spit out all the cold wind onto the people from the front. But the latest inverter pool heat pump with a backward airflow has a particular fan designed to exert the air from the back of the machine. It guarantees users won’t get the frontal wind expulsion from the swimming pool heat pump.

  • Add Aesthetic Qualities to the Compact Appearance 

Except for its operational traits due to the high COP value, which makes it extensively energy efficient, the inverter pool heat pump can also qualify as a decorative garden piece with its convenient and compact manifestation. For instance, the Seagull Series inverter pool heat pump from NEWNTIDE, an expert in R&D and production of heat pumps, is designed with an elegant and fascinating appearance with intelligent features, adding more functions to its value and desirability. 

  • Satisfy the Market’s Demands 

Whether it’s a fashionable style or an innovative technology for the new generation, the inverter pool heat pump can satisfy whatever you need. Besides being a silent, comfortable, and energy-saving solution, it is incredibly environment-friendly. For example, the Seagull Series inverter pool heat pump not only maintains the highest COP of 14.5, being a one-time investment that will not bring heavy burdens to the limited budget and serve you for a long period. Thus, the Seagull Series being silent, chic, innovative, comfortable, and energy-efficient, wins worldwide appreciation. 


After going through the different aspects of the backward airflow design in the inverter pool heat pump and some solid motives for choosing it, there is no doubt that this technology is beneficial and falls under the must-have category. Thus, it’s essential to know a reliable heat pump manufacturer who is right for you. NEWNTIDE is the one that has more than 1,100 national and international patents for heat pumps.

With an innovative R&D team, they have outranged their competitors in heat pump technology transformation by launching their new Seagull Series inverter pool heat pump with an innovative backward airflow. Whatever you need in inverter pool heat pumps, it guarantees to bring the best user experience to you at a reasonable price. Thus, NEWNTIDE can exceed your expectations, whether you need a simple DC heat pump or a fancy swimming pool heat pump for homes. If you have any inquiries, please come and contact them soon! 

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