How Does Biotechnology Heal The World?

Think about surviving in the earlier centuries when people had to rely on those rancid herbal remedies with little to no guarantee of health improvement. During those times, increasing death rates put a toll on the population, with people dying even with smallpox. Here is where biotechnology stepped into this world as a blessing in disguise.

Now, biotechnology plays a major role in healing the world. It tailors nature’s gifts and incorporates them with technology to serve mankind. This is why scientists invent hundreds of innovative healthcare equipment to improve human life.

Want to know more ways how biotechnology is curing the world; then this article is a must-to-read for you. 

How Does Biotechnology Heal The World?

Biotechnology is heavily appreciated in the medical field. Along with discovering new diseases, it aids in finding out new means to combat them. Some of its contributions to the healthcare sector are listed below:

Diagnostic Tools

Biotechnology created some of the most top-tier clinical equipment. Biotechnology treats humanity from toning down eye cataracts to monitoring a fetus using ultrasound. Other tools like X-rays and MRIs create a clear internal picture of a person for quicker disease detection and faster treatment. 

Operation and surgical tools are also polished by new technology for smoother surgery. Even drugs are created for patients to be numb during these surgeries.  

Using blood cultures and running stool tests, biotechnology has made diagnosis easier even without the requirement of surgery. This is important in treating diseases in earlier stages that can be fatal in the future.  

Bionic Prosthetics

Prosthetic limbs are the most innovative invention in this sector, as they help people live new life. Adjusting these artificial hands and feet, amputees can now move like normal people. People also use prosthetic eyes. However, these do not restore vision but are adored for beautification. 

Other artificial devices, such as pacemakers, artificially pump blood when the human heart walls become too weak. The kidney dialysis tool is attached to the person and functions as a normal kidney outside the body. Some other essential inventions include hearing aids for deaf people. 

Organ Culture

Stem cell research is carried out to replace damaged cells with new ones. Even though being controversial, embryonic stem cells are taken from the fetus. 

These can divide and form hundreds of copies of themselves. Hence, these cells are used to heal damaged brain cells, blood cells, and also facial cells. So, this is highly used in plastic surgery to modify facial structure.

These stem cells are also used in organ culture, where organs such as the lungs and liver are grown in laboratories. Uses of these include studying for drug testing and developing medicines. Organ culture has also made organ replacements immensely easier.


The most well-known disease that removed a huge proportion of mankind is the coronavirus. Scientists developed antibiotics and antiviral vaccines to fight off these diseases. One shot of these can help people grow immunity to this type of disease. 

However, antibiotics become resistant to any particular disease if taken for too long. This is why scientists use gene editing to develop new antibiotics that will not get immune to bacteria. 

They are also designed to act quickly without leaving any adverse effects. These vaccines can now combat rare diseases which were considered incurable in the past. 

Family Planning

For people with fertility problems, these treatments can help them become parents. The egg and the sperm merge outside the body during in vitro fertilization (IVF). It is then transferred to the mother’s uterus, which gives birth to a normal baby. Test tube baby also uses a similar procedure except the fertilized egg is kept inside a test tube first.

Not only fertility treatments but biotechnology also made painful births easier by using cesarean section. Many controversial procedures, such as designer babies created by gene editing and abortion, are also assisted by biotechnology. 

Cancer Treatment

Currently, cancer is a threat to mankind. Biotechnology invented procedures such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy to reduce cancerous cells. However, these are the most common, and other new techniques are invented. New biotech tools help detect and target cancerous tissues precisely without damaging other good cells.

Immunotherapy helps build the patient’s immune system so that their bodies can fight against cancer on their own. Cell therapy, where drugs are involved, and cell replacement by stem cells are also used. Not only these, but bone marrow transplant is also even used for treating blood cancer.

Mental Health

Mental health problems gradually increase with people struggling with depression or showing signs of other mental health problems. 

Hence biotechnological tools such as virtual reality are used to treat depression, PTSD, etc. Here, patients can interact in a virtual world, helping them to relax and be comfortable.

For Alzheimer’s patients, cognitive training treatment is scientifically proven to boost blood flow to their brains. This technique enhances their memories and helps them remember. Some drugs are also used, which can be easily swallowed. An example is Latuda, which has proven to improve people suffering from schizophrenia and reduce bipolar disorder episodes. 

Bottom Line

If you’ve stayed with me, you’d definitely agree biotechnology aided in healing the world. From helping paraplegics stand up on their feet to blessing people to become parents- biotechnology is a wonder to humankind. 

To summarize, biotechnology is a miracle to the mundane human life. It is closely intertwined with human life in a way we even fail to realize. Tonnes of diseases are posing a lesser threat to mankind due to the incorporation of biotechnology into our lives. 

By assisting us and serving humans, biotechnology single-handedly decreased the death toll. People are living a much happier and sound life, all thanks to this sector of modern technology. Surely, this field of modern-day technology shaped this world and guided us toward prosperity.

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