How Does Cheap VPS Hosting UK Supplement Website SEO

With the passage of time businesses have started going digital. Here everyone is in the race to rank his website at the top of google search results. A common practice of doing that is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The dynamic nature of SEO kept webmasters on their toes in recent years. Off-site and on-site SEO techniques have been in discussion for many years. Moreover, the addition of website speed as a ranking factor in the late 2000s has made website owners reduce website loading times. A major factor that can help supplement your website SEO is cheap VPS hosting UK.

Whether you are a starter or running a fully transformed agency you might need web hosting to improve the ranking of your website in the google search engine page results. You might wonder how it is possible, we will explore things in detail to make it easy for you. However, before that, we will explore what is VPS hosting, what is SEO, and how VPS can improve your website’s SEO and overall rankings.

These days more than 70% of people search online before buying anything such as a shirt, jeans, a hand free or etc. Whether how good your product is the customer will not buy unless it will show in the search results. Therefore, it is essential for you to improve your website speed and add relevant keywords so google can rank it. Here VPS hosting can help you 

What is Cheap VPS hosting UK

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is a technique/method where there are multiple virtual machines on dedicated physical hardware. Here everyone will have a single virtual machine but share dedicated hardware. As a result, you will get your dedicated resources without sharing anything with another website.

For instance, if a cheap VPS hosting UK offers 6 GB RAM and 100GB Storage along with 4 CPUs. These resources will be dedicated to you and you don’t have to share them with anyone.

Every website works like an independent service which is often referred as a virtual private Server. A promising advantage of VPS hosting is total control over resources by paying a minimal amount. In addition, you will get root access which means you can install any application into your website according to your taste.


SEO refers to search engine optimization which helps you to improve your website ranks.  Good SEO practice is essential for websites these days where everyone is striving hard to get the top rank. It will drive traffic toward your website and increase its credibility. When google sees that people are liking your content it will automatically improve the rank of your site.

Well SEO is a complete topic and its scope is beyond this article. However, there are multiple ways VPS hosting can benefit the SEO of your website. Which we are going to explain below 

Improves Website Uptime 

Usually, the mechanism of measuring the uptime of any website is a percentage. You will be surprised to hear that a website is considered reliable and offers an uptime of 99.9%. In other means, if your website is down by 1% it will be considered down for 8 hours in the whole month. When it comes to the SEO perspective such an amount of downtime will negatively impact your website ranking and it will be buried in the 100th page of the Search engine.

VPS hosting allows you an easy opportunity to increase your website uptime and enjoy a higher rank. The interface is very user-friendly and designed to accommodate the requirements of your website making it a reliable hosting solution for any business.

Loading Time 

These days technology has increased the availability of digital resources for every business. Which led to increasing in the customer’s expectations as well. Now customers want better results and seamless performance whenever they land on a web page or a site. In case your website takes more than 8 seconds to load one will jump on to another site. Moreover, various studies have suggested a website with faster speed can survive in such a competitive market.

On the other hand, Google has added website speed as a ranking factor. This means faster loading sites can enjoy the highest ranks in google pages. Therefore, one has to be careful while making a decision regarding the selection of a web hosting plan. Here Cheap VPS hosting is ideal in this regard as it is better than shared hosting where users have to share the resources.

Here shared hosting plan will also put a negative impact on your site. It is because when too many users are attached to one server it will cause troubles especially in loading the pages.

Robust Security 

You can’t deny the importance of security when it comes to your online business reputation. For instance, if you are using shared hosting, other users will have the same IP address. In case the cybercriminal attacks on a site your business will be affected as well. When you are using best VPS hosting UK all resources will be dedicated towards you. Which will result in faster speed and smooth overall performance of the site.

Cyber-attacks are on the rise these days which made people more cautious about their sensitive data and its security. This means search engines are very serious about the security of a website. So, let’s say some website on your server is spamming people or sending phishing attack links to people. Search engines recognize this, and the most common action taken is to block the IP address. This, if you haven’t already guessed, blocks all the websites in a server, not just the culprit. As mentioned earlier, each website is independent in a VPS environment and works as an independent server. This extends to IP addresses too. Each VPS website is assigned a unique IP address, thus completely eliminating the problem of search engine blacklisting. 

The VPS infrastructure is designed in such a way that it ensures there is no security threat. In addition, it allows dedicated directories to every website and there is no master directory. This means if there is a potential threat to website A it will not have any impact on website B.

Root Access 

When you buy cheap VPS hosting UK you will be given root access. It is also considered a major advantage of buying VPS hosting for your website. Root access means you are the sole owner of the website and you can install any software application or program according to your requirements. Moreover, you can install third-party applications and do security configurations to make your site secure. Which is a major ranking factor as we have seen secure websites get a boast In the Search Engine Page Ranks.

Final Words

SEO is no doubt an important marketing strategy for any business these days indeed a powerful tool if used correctly. In addition, both small and large both types of organizations strive hard to improve their content to get maximum users. in case you are making a website be sure to focus on its SEO. You will need a lot of things for that such as relevant content uptime, high speed, and security.

Another important aspect for your website SEO is a VPS hosting plan. In fact, it is powerful assistance to the SEO of your website. You might wonder if VPS is more expensive than a shared hosting plan. Yes, it is a bit costly but the features and advantages will overweight the price.  Leading hosting companies offer VPS plans along with tons of features. The best part is you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy one for your business. As they are available at competitive prices due to heavy competition.

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