How does crypto blackjack work?

As the new crypto trend continues to rise, many gamblers start to consider playing at crypto casinos over traditional online casinos. With all the benefits that come from the crypto gambling space, sometimes deciding in which casino to place your money is not a difficult choice.

However, the first barrier to entry into the crypto world that gamblers face is understanding the process. Even though crypto casinos are not much different from traditional online casinos, the absence of knowledge around the topic and are not familiarity with how to use the new cryptocurrency scares beginners that want to start gambling with crypto.

With blackjack being one of the most popular casino games that dominate the crypto gambling world, let’s dig deeper into understanding how crypto blackjack works and whether or not it is a good choice for beginners.

How do Crypto Casinos work?

Before we can go any further, we have to understand how crypto casinos work. You don’t have to be a crypto wizard in order to access and play your favorite games in a crypto casino. Fortunately, the process is simplified to a point where there is not much difference compared to a traditional online casino.

With that said, there are still some things you need to consider, so here are the steps you need to take before you can play blackjack using crypto.

  1. Create a Crypto Wallet

Since online casinos don’t provide a crypto wallet, you need to create one before you start gambling. Think of it as a traditional bank account, only it doesn’t have to do with any entity.

The most common way that people make their crypto wallets is by using a crypto exchange. There are also hot and cold wallets, but the simplest way is to use an exchange.

Find a crypto exchange that gives you the ability to create a digital wallet, where you can buy, trade, or sell cryptocurrencies.

  1. Buy Cryptocurrencies

Crypto casinos require you to deposit cryptocurrencies in order to play their games. However, you cannot obtain cryptocurrencies on the casino platform. You need to head over to the exchange, buy your crypto using FIAT money and transfer the amount to your casino wallet.

  1. Find a Crypto Casino and Make a Deposit

Once you’ve purchased your crypto, it is time to choose a preferred crypto casino that offers crypto blackjack and transfers a certain amount. Transferring cryptocurrencies is much easier than most people think.

You should head over to your crypto exchange account, hit “Transfer” or “Withdraw” and copy/paste your address from the crypto casino. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to see the funds in your casino account.

How does Crypto Blackjack Work?

When it comes to online casino games using cryptocurrencies, the gameplay and rules are not changed at all. This means that blackjack is the same whether you are playing at a traditional casino or a crypto casino.

The only different thing is the payment method used to make bets, which in some cases is in crypto.

Crypto Blackjack Works the same way as the traditional game known for years. You’ll have to get as close to 21 as possible in order to beat the dealer. Crypto blackjack also has the same card values as the traditional game.

  • King, Queen, Jack, and Ten – Have a value of 10
  • Ace – Has either the value of 1 or 11
  • And all other cards are their face value

So, once you deposit your crypto on an online casino and choose blackjack, you don’t need to know anything else if you are familiar with the game from before.

With that said, some casinos display their bets using cryptocurrencies, which sometimes can be difficult to really know the real value of the bet since the price of the crypto is volatile. However, some crypto casinos allow you to deposit crypto and play with traditional FIAT money that is converted from your crypto wallet.

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