How Does Excessive Heat Affect Wildlife and How Do Wildlife Control Companies Help?

As record temperatures continue to be recorded all across the Pacific Northwest, it’s only natural to ask yourself how this may be affecting the wildlife population in your area. Sure, you may not be on friendly terms with the skunks in your area, but you still don’t want them to die from the heatwave. So below, we’ll look at ways in which wildlife can be helped, and what a heatwave might mean for your home.

First thing first, do heat waves make infestations more common?

This is a big concern, understandably, among homeowners, since higher temperatures may mean more animals flocking to your home. Unfortunately, the short answer here is yes, a heat wave may encourage wild animals to flock to your home. As wild animals look for a shelter, they’ll naturally be attracted to certain areas of your home, particularly the attic or the basement, which may provide a hiding space, as well as relief from the heat.

It’s perfectly understandable, though that doesn’t make it any easier for you to put up with it. And you shouldn’t. While you may feel bad about the animals trapped in the heatwave, bear in mind that they are still wild, and still carry diseases. You shouldn’t attempt to share a space with wild animals, and should, instead, reach out to a wildlife removal company as soon as possible.

How can they help?

Wildlife removal professionals will be able to assess the situation on your property, and determine exactly what is attracting wild animals to your home. They’ll also instruct you on how to stop that from happening, as well as remove the wild animals themselves.

Don’t worry, since many wildlife removal professionals now specialize in humane and non-lethal removal, they won’t actually cause any harm to the animals fleeing the heat. They will most likely use exclusion methods or live trapping to eliminate the wild animal from your property, and to ensure an infestation doesn’t recur.

Wildlife removal professionals may also spot early warning signs that may lead to an infestation in the future. For instance, a home inspection from a wildlife removal professional may point out entry spots, or common attraction points that you weren’t even aware of. They may instruct you on sealing up an attic, keeping birds out, and fixing up other common pest-attractors.

How can you help wildlife in the heat?

Just because you don’t want them on your property doesn’t mean you want to send animals back into the heat, without so much as a how do you do. So here are a bunch of things you can do, if you’re concerned about the animals out in the heat.

1. Provide them with water.

Obviously, one of the chief concerns in a heat wave is the scarcity of water. Animals can’t get enough water because the hot temperatures are drying it all out. So what can you do? Well, you can leave out some water for them. Depending on the types of animals most prevalent in your area, you may opt for ground-based water sources (even a shallow dish is good), or for an air-bound one (like a bird bath).

However, bear in mind that animals actively look for a frequent and reliable water source. As such, if they see you’re regularly providing them with water, this might actually serve as an invitation to take up permanent residence on your property.

Not only that, but using devices like a bird bath may attract larger predators.

2. Plant trees.

Another thing you can do to help animals trapped in the heat wave is plant trees. While these won’t be effective immediately, a tree can reduce the heat by up to 10 degrees, and will provide a place of shade and rest for animals in the future.

3. Let them shelter in your log pile.

Many smaller critters, including rodents, snakes, and various insects, will love your pile of wood logs, as it’s a hidden space (where they’ll be somewhat protected from larger predators), and where they can rest out of the heat.

However, bear in mind that all of the above are likely to attract more wild animals to your property, and cause problems. So if you’re looking  to help animals in the heat wave, yet don’t want to bring them home, we recommend you reach out to pest control professionals like Norcal Wildlife Removal, and ask them for help. Pest control in your area will be well-aware of the most common types of wildlife, and may also be in contact with organizations and projects aimed at helping wildlife in the heat wave.

There may be a way to help without putting yourself, your family, or your property in danger. You just have to reach out to the right people.

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