How Does PMP Certification Benefit The Employee and Organization? 

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Are you a management professional aspiring for the position of a project manager? Whether you belong to IT, healthcare, education, or any other, having a project management certification under your belt can help you gain a competitive edge in the industry.

According to a survey report by Project Management Institute (PMI), 9,38,516 candidates have achieved PMP Certificate as of July 2019. Similarly, other global reports also show that PMP certified professionals earn 17% more than non-certified professionals. In fact,, many companies across various industries use PMP as a requirement for project managers. The future forecasts on this job role also suggest that there will be a huge demand for certified Project Managers.

If you’re looking to advance your career in Project Management, PMP certification will be an asset. As PMP is a globally recognized certification, whether as an employee or organization it is going to benefit you. Here, in this blog, we’ll discuss how PMP Certification will benefit an employee and organization.

Why PMP Certification

A PMP Certification is supposed to help you get ahead in your career. It makes you more suitable for the job market. PMP certified professionals can experience long-term as well as short-term benefits.

What is PMP?

Before we discuss why PMP Certification is important, let’s understand what PMP certification is.

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally accepted examination-based credential program offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMP certified project managers are preferred by the government as well as commercial and industrial organizations to improve the success rate of projects.

A PMP certificate is important because:

  • It can boost your career.
  • PMP employees are preferred in organizations. Some organizations have even made it compulsory when they hire employees for their respective roles.

How to qualify for PMP Certification

Several soft skills and hard skills are required to be eligible for PMP Certification. It requires a lot of hard work and time. You will be required to organize your work experience and find where you are lacking certain skills.

Can anyone qualify for a PMP Certificate? No.

Below mentioned are the qualifications you require to achieve a PMP Certification:

  • A four-year degree.
  • Three years of leading projects.
  • 35 hours of project management in education/training.
  • Your experiences should cover all the five processes as mentioned in the PMBOK Guide.

When and where do you write the exam?

PMP certification classroom training is available across the countries. You need to schedule your exam date in the nearest Prometric test center after PMI accepts your application and attend the exam from the Prometric test center.

Benefits of PMP

PMP Certificate is beneficial to employees as well as organizations. PMP certificates are gained by professionals who possess many skills. For this reason, organizations look for PMP professionals because they have proven excellence.   Lets now check out how PMP Certification Benefit The Employee and Organization

PMP Certification Benefits to Employees

  1. Increases your chance of getting hired

A PMP certificate adds value to your resume. A company checks your resume way before they meet and understand your skills. PMP certified employees are shortlisted by organizations over those who do not have. PMP Certification on your resume can be one of the best qualifications you can hold as it gives them the idea that you are an excellent project manager.  It will undoubtedly increase your chance of getting hired.

  1. Help you achieve your career growth

PMP certification will provide you a Professional Recognition. PMP certification is universally recognized, so it offers you experienced professional recognition. PMP certificate holders are always marked for their excellence in work and skills.  The success rate of projects increases as the number of certified project managers work in a company. They will work according to the trends and needs of the organization as well as the stakeholders.

Do not even think if a PMP certificate is worth the time and money you spend. We assure you that it would be the next milestone in your professional growth. Advance your career in Project Management, PMP training will be the best choice for your future.

  1. Skill development

PMP certification also shows the skills you possess. You can learn new skills and develop existing ones while earning a PMP Certificate. A set of hard and soft skills is a part of excellence. It can build your knowledge on the changing trends, fundamental project management processes tools, and methodologies. PMP materials will not only enhance your expertise but provide more opportunities for career growth

  1. Earn a higher salary.

PMP has consistently been a well-paid IT certification and you can undoubtedly earn a higher salary. PMP certified project managers earn more than non-certified ones as they are supposed to be more efficient and proficient at work.  Project Management Institute (PMI) surveys show that the average salary of a certified Project Manager is considerably higher in every firm. In the future, since the trends will drastically change, PMP employees will be high in demand.

  1. Networking Opportunities

A PMP certification is a universal and globally accredited one. So it can help you connect to global organizations. You easily gain exposure since you work anywhere in the world, meet new people, and work on different kinds of projects. You can broaden networking opportunities which can be a great path in your career. It undoubtedly helps you establish influential relationships.

When you become a member of the PMI club, you get the opportunity to meet new people who can benefit you a lot in the future. Certified professionals would be available and they can even provide you tips and knowledge.

  1. Work anywhere

As we know PMP Certificate is globally accepted and a distinguished qualification. Once you are PMP certified, there are always reputed job seats looking for you at many firms including  IT, aerospace, government, healthcare, etc. You can choose to work for any firm and find jobs at any place which is a benefit, not every career has.

  1. Keep up with the industry trends

Project management has been changing drastically over the years. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is always up to date with the changes in the rapidly changing industry. The course’s content is constantly updated based on the trends and needs. A PMP certified professional will be keen on keeping up with the industry trends and working along with it.

Benefits of PMP Certification to Organization

Now we have understood the benefits of a PMP Certificate for our career growth. But how does it help an organization?

Talented and smart employees are the core reason for the growth of any company. Here is why you should hire PMP certified employees:

  1. Be smarter by implementing new techniques

A PMP certified professional would implement new techniques as they are experts with new tactics and techniques. By hiring a PMP certified candidate, novel and smarter techniques will be used in projects that give a better outcome. PMP employees boost the organization’s growth as they are goal-oriented and proficient in work.

You can stay ahead in the competition and bring in more success rates. PMP professionals are highly in demand and they would be an asset to other employees as well as your organization.

  1.   Value addition

We choose the best from the received resumes for the position. Hiring a PMP professional has no barriers. Since it’s global, we can search for PMP professionals from across the globe and select any. One advantage of PMP is that we know that PMP qualified candidates are proficient and experts in project management. Hiring becomes much easier when PMP is made a requirement. You would then be able to gather the best talents for your firm.

  1. Deliver successful projects

PMP Professionals are well understood about the trends. They have a deeper knowledge of risk management and balancing various obstacles that come on the way to a project. They are capable of managing the project more smartly as they have been trained well enough in soft and hard skills to successfully deliver a project on time within the budget.

The successful delivery of projects paves the path for new projects. The updated skills and tools of PMP professionals will help your organization gain new projects. PMP professionals can handle the people they meet and the needs of the project.

  1. Improve work culture

When there are certified managers who head projects in an organization, the juniors working get an opportunity to learn managerial lessons. The ways and plans adopted by managers with PMP training and certification to handle various projects and situations set an example to the team members. This will improve the work culture and standard of projects as well as other team members.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

The clients require the best result from your organization. Customer satisfaction is important in the growth of any company. PMP professionals can handle customers and stakeholders with much ease and understand their needs properly. They will have new ideas and project management tools that can benefit the organization as well as clients. After all,  you should hire a PMP professional to be a  benefit in your organization because they are confident in delivering successful projects of high quality.

Let’s sum up

In a nutshell, PMP Certification is a benefit for employees as well as organizations. A lot more benefits prevail other than what you have read here. So why wait? Earn the certificate and be recognized to work anywhere you like. This is a very smart investment that can help you achieve a more fulfilling position, a higher salary, and a more successful career.

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