How Does a Power Inverter for Cars Work?

Power inverters are the tools in the cars that can help you charge your phones or laptops while traveling in the car. Power inverters use the battery of cars and convert into energy that can charge your devices. The basic principle of the car power inverter is the conversion of DC into AC. It can damage the battery of the car if not used properly.

But if you know the proper functioning of the inverter and use it carefully and properly, then the impact it has on the battery is so small that it does not bother the car battery but charges your devices. So, you need to focus on the point of how do the best power inverters for cars work?

A car battery can offer as an inverter for at least 30 to 60 minutes, even when the engine is off. The actual timings may vary depending upon the size of the battery and many other factors. If the inverter unit is left turned on and nothing is connected to the charger, it will still use the battery and draw power out.

Choosing a suitable power inverter for your car

There are many types of inverters available online and in stores. These types vary on the basis of their power wattage and prices.

The first thing to keep in notice while buying a battery is choosing the right power. For common families, a 200 watts power inverter can work best. It can bring out energy up to 150 watts and hence can turn useful. There have been inventions in the technology field, and now the investors are directly connected with the battery that can help in drawing out the maximum power. The car battery can directly supply high power.

In order to fulfill higher energy requirements like those by the outdoor workers used to run high power appliances, you need to choose the battery with higher power supplies like 500W or 1000W, or you can even go for higher powers. 

Types of power inverters

There are two major types of power inverters, depending upon the type of sine wave being used.

  1. Modified sine wave inverter
  2. Pure sine wave inverter

Modified sine wave inverters are cheaper in price. They can ensure stability in most of the circumstances but do not always work out.

Pure sine wave inverters are a little more costly than the modifiers, but they ensure stability in almost all circumstances. They ensure more efficiency in comparison.

The modified sine wave inverter is more common and in public use. The major reason is its low price.

The correct way to use the power inverter

Car power inverters are very popular among car users, but not many people know much about the correct use of this system. The mis-operated system can damage the car battery and can also cause some safety hazards.

In order to avoid misoperation, here are some points you need to keep in mind before using the power inverters.

  • Check the indicator lights before connecting the power inverters into the cigarette lighter socket of the car.
  • If the light is on normally, it indicated that the previous step you took was right, and now your inverter is ready to be plugged into other devices.
  • If the light does not turn on normally, that indicates a mistake in the previous step. Check carefully if the power inverter is connected accurately. Try again.
  • The power inverters have in-built fans that turn on constantly when the inverter is charging a device.
  •  You need to put your inverter in a dry place that is ventilated properly so that the heat emits out easily, and the inverter keeps on working in the normal temperature.
  • Make sure to unplug the power inverter when you stop your car because the power inverter needs a power supply for itself too, and your car’s battery might run out if it remains unplugged.

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