How Effective is Snow Teeth Whitening?

When you’re trying to whiten your teeth, even home kits can be complex and expensive to use. According to The White House in Dublin, home teeth whitening kits are good, but going to a professional clinic will get you better results as they are legally allowed to use higher concentrations of peroxide in their products.

For people with sensitive teeth, it can be either out of the question or painful. Still, many people grin and bear it to get a bright, white smile.

Is Snow teeth whitening effective? With the help of an LED mouthpiece and whitening serum, the Snow teeth whitening kit offers a painless and straightforward way to whiten your teeth. Snow is a comfortable and convenient solution for teeth whitening, unlike drugstore whitening kits and in-office treatment.

How Snow Teeth Whitening Works

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This kit has a gel serum you brush on your teeth. An LED mouthpiece activates the serum. The product is known for being safe for all kinds of teeth. People with dental sensitivities, braces, or major dental work can use it. When used appropriately, it delivers great results.

The kit has been tested and proven to be effective at removing wine and coffee stains. Within four days, you’ll see major teeth whitening results. After that, the improvements will be more incremental. After three weeks, your teeth will be approximately two shades whiter than they were before the treatment. Teeth with deeper stains are likely to experience a huge improvement.

If you have sensitive teeth that might stop you from using other home-based whitening kits, consider Snow teeth whitening. After using the kit for about three weeks, you’ll notice that your gums and teeth aren’t so sensitive anymore. This is because the whitening serum is made without the irritating chemicals that other home-based treatments use. For people with sensitive teeth that look only slightly white, this kit is an excellent and gentle alternative.

Using Snow Teeth Whitening

Snow teeth whitening kits are relatively easy to use and fuss-free. Daily treatment starts with putting the whitening serum on the teeth using the whitening wand. Although it’s simple to treat your front teeth, it can be harder to reach your back teeth and check whether you’ve applied the serum evenly.

Next, insert the smartphone-powered LED mouthpiece. Leave it in for 21 minutes. Once you’re done with the treatment, the LED mouthpiece should be thoroughly rinsed and dried, then set aside for the following day.

In general, Snow’s LED mouthpiece is comfortable to wear. Nevertheless, you’re likely to over-salivate a bit. Because the mouthpiece has a universal fit, it may leave enough space to cause saliva build-up. Still, it is not a deal-breaker.

Since the LED mouthpiece and whitening wands are compact, stowing and carrying them in cosmetic bags is easy. Snow is great for people who love traveling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

During testing, Snow came through on its promise to deliver whiter and brighter smiles. It’s non-irritating to people with sensitive gums or teeth, and effective at keeping stains at bay for regular wine and coffee drinkers. When Snow is appropriately and consistently used, you see positive results soon.

The LED mouthpiece is a key part of the whitening treatment. You can wear it over top of permanent retainers, braces, and other dental appliances. What’s more, since it has a smooth edge, it’s comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

The downside is that the Snow whitening kit has a cord that connects to your smartphone. It isn’t long, but the multi-device charger is somewhat bulky. Because of this, multitasking can be difficult during treatments. It can be challenging to manipulate the whitening wand, which might compromise the results. Also, the wand is not angled-tipped to help you reach your back teeth.


Generally, you can be assured of having a positive experience with the Snow teeth whitening kit. The system is painless, gentle, and a perfect alternative for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth at a reasonable price. Visit our site for more details. We believe it’s a worthwhile investment.

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