How to find executive recruiters: tips and recommendations

How to find executive recruiters

Recruiting agencies are organizations engaged in selecting personnel according to specific criteria for the employer. These executive recruiters have access to a large number of databases, which is why they can find even the most specialized individuals.

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Why are recruiting agencies popular?

The main features of executive search services are the following:

  • High workload of HR specialists. The responsibilities of HR include a lot of other tasks that also need to be performed. Therefore, if the company does not have an internal recruiting department, recruitment falls on the shoulders of HR. To lighten this burden, the employer turns to agencies.
  • When you need to find a highly specialized professional, executive recruiters have a comprehensive database of employees and candidates from various industries. Even if the specialist you need is currently employed, the agency will still be able to offer him a vacancy and, possibly, poach him.
  • Mass selection. When you need to recruit many people for line vacancies, a full-time specialist may not have enough time and resources for this. Recruiting agencies will help you quickly fill positions.
  • When you need to fill a vacancy as soon as possible, the recruiting agency staff consists of professional recruiters who can take on all the preliminary work on the search and selection of candidates.
  • Lack of knowledge in the field of personnel search. Again, suppose the company does not have a dedicated recruiting department. The person in charge of HR may not know how to evaluate candidates’ résumés and where to look for them.
  • When reducing material costs, it may seem that recruiting agencies’ services will cost more than finding a candidate on your own. However, if you calculate the cost of posting a vacancy, the time spent on recruiting, the cost of accessing résumé databases, etc., everything ends up being much more expensive.
  • Risk of overtiring your HR personnel. According to statistics, 47% of employees, including those in HR, feel that that they are letting their employers down when they are away on vacation.

This statistic confirms that even if you have highly qualified in-house recruiters, they still need a break. But due to their high workload, they cannot go on vacation. Recruitment agencies can help solve this burnout problem.

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Features of choosing recruiting agencies

Do not fall for unscrupulous performers. When choosing a recruiting company, it is essential to adhere to several criteria. There are three categories of organizations:

  • Holding companies. Such companies have many branches in different regions. Their work is of high quality, but they also require appropriate payment. These agencies are ideal if you need to search for highly qualified specialists.
  • Medium organizations. There are several divisions for the search for diversified specialists. The cost of their services is relatively lower.
  • Boutique agencies. These organizations focus on the selection of specialists with very specific or narrow qualifications. The price for their services is typically quite high, but these recruiters know their specific industry better than anybody else.

At the end of the day, whether to recruit using your own people or external professionals is a decision you will have to make. In-house recruiters and recruiting agencies have both advantages and disadvantages. When choosing one person, it is essential to proceed from the company’s needs and how difficult the vacancy is to fill.

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